When Toddlers Miss their Nap Time

Today a very bad, bad, bad thing happened.  (And for the sake of anyone new to reading my blog, you should know that I like to whine about my petty problems, as though they are actual problems.  Sometimes I just do this for dramatic effect….  ; )

In the world of raising toddlers or babies, your worst nightmare is a bad napper.  I’ve never had a bad napper on a regular basis, thank God!  I guess he knows I could never handle it.  I take that back.  Caleb was a bad napper of a newborn, but he blossomed into the best napper of all, eventually.

Naps are your sanity line as a mother.  They are the difference between keeping your joy and crying, whining, and swearing under your breath.  I mean, honestly, just telling you the truth.

So……today was the very first day in Daniel’s two years of life that he DID NOT TAKE A NAP.  Horrors!  By the end of the day, I don’t even want to talk about it..

This happened because today is Monday!  Mondays are bad.

We have this thing here called “half day school” on Monday.  It probably messes up everyone’s day to some extent, but as a baby/toddler mother it is five times worse because, um hellooo, 12:20 is smack dab in the middle of nap time.


Long story short:  Today he wasn’t really tired before 12, and he couldn’t fall asleep in his stroller b/c it was too cold outside. Therefore, he became over-tired, another very, very, very BAD thing, and couldn’t fall asleep at all.  Even at 7:30 bedtime, he couldn’t fall asleep.

Alan ended up rocking him to sleep.

That’s one thing people don’t warn you about with small children. Beware the over-tired!!!

  Okay my ranting and raving is over.  A couple more things to note…..

—-I spent all day taking Daniel to the potty every 30 minutes, cleaning up pee gone wild, and coaxing Daniel back out of the bathroom, ……so please excuse my negative attitude…
—-Joshua is “student of the week” for his class…..which I realized at 7:25 this morning, when I opened his book bag for the first time since Thursday……to discover a poster that was due today, complete with blanks for him to paste in pictures.  OOPS!  Joshua insisted on getting it done this morning.  (So glad I make the kids get ready early!)
—–Today I held up Dan’s Goofy doll and said, “Look, Dan!  It’s Goofy, Mickey’s friend, from Mickey Mouse’s Clubhouse!”  Dan looked at me like I’m crazy and shook his head.  Then he walked over to his bed and grabbed his giant Mickey doll and said, “uh-uh.  Eeee.”
Translation:  What!  No, Mom.  That’s not Mickey.  This is Mickey!”  : )


Yes, Caleb is still the man of 100 faces.


both fingers pointing


Two lovely guests:  Jennings and Mikeesha!


Daniel liked Joshua’s drawing so much he begged to color them, so here he is, coloring all the Mario characters blue.  You can only give Dan one or two crayons at a time.  Give him a box, and he will gleefully throw the entire box all over the room.  He does the same thing with playdoh.


No, Dan!  Don’t eat the crayons!!!


Alan, trying to get work done in the midst of….us.  About impossible.
The good news:   Tuesdays are NOT Mondays.  Monday only comes once each week.  Hallelujah!


Just Call Me Aunt Bee. We all want to be appreciated.

Today I left Alan with all three boys, ages 2 to 6, while I went to the chiropractor’s office and to Target.  I heard the sweetest, sweetest words when I got home.

“It was….that kid…..no, not just him, that one too.  Oh my gosh.  April, please don’t leave me here alone with them again.”

“Where’s Caleb?”

“Huh?  Oh, I don’t know.  He’s fine.  At least he’s been entertaining himself!”


Now, of course, Alan was JOKING about me not leaving him here alone with them.  He is a very actively involved father who takes care of the children constantly, but clearly he did have some struggles this evening!

Isn’t it funny how sometimes I’d rather hear Alan say that than to walk in and find the house way cleaner, happier, and more accomplished than when I left it?  

It’s not that I actually want Alan to struggle, it’s just that I want him to share my pain.  Can’t explain it, but I bet most other moms out there can relate!  When you find something difficult, it’s just helpful to hear other people agree with you!!

There was an episode of The Andy Griffith Show a lot like this.  Aunt Bee left town, and the house became a wreck in her absence.

Right before she got back, they cleaned it up, but then wise old Andy realized that wasn’t a good idea.  Then he and Opie trashed the house again, so she’d know how much they missed her and wouldn’t feel “unneeded”.

But of course, one of Aunt Bee’s friends came by, saw the mess, and cleaned it up again, so when Aunt Bee got home, the house was perfect.  Aunt Bee was so sad that Andy and Opie obviously didn’t need her at all that she immediately packed her things and tried to leave.  Have you seen that one?

*****Now, Alan, don’t take this story to heart, really.  Please do not feel the need to make me feel more “needed.”  I can assure you I know that the four of you desperately want me here at all times and cannot live without me.  ; )  *********

But I do think that sometimes it goes a long way to tell someone, “Hey! Wow! Great job. Couldn’t do it without you. What you are doing is hard, but you do it so well! Wow!”


My 32nd Birthday: 24 Weeks Pregnant with My 4th Son

Today’s Snow Day was pretty awesome, except that there was no snow to play in once the snowing stopped.  It snowed for about 18 hours straight, and yet it was too warm for accumulation past 11am.  This works out nicely though.  Everyone got to stay home, and yet Alan was able to safely run errands.  Plus tomorrow’s road conditions should be perfectly fine.  Happy birthday to me!
  Ya’ll, today was thoroughly exhausting!  It seems like everyday is exhausting lately.  That’s right.   I am beginning to feel PREGNANT!
I am 24 weeks now, and I look huge.  I have pictures, and I hope they do not shock you too much b/c “pregnant April” is back.  I have now gained a full 20 pounds.  I even pulled out some of my bigger pregnancy clothes today and put them in my closet.  I have decided to make peace with the whole being huge thing, vowing constantly that this is the last time!
  So today was my birthday, and it was a good one.  The boys drew me adorable pictures.  Alan bought me gifts, a cake, and flowers.  He gave me two of the Willow Tree figurines that I like so much.  Plus, my new tablet was also a birthday gift.  Thank you to all of you for the well wishes, birthday cards, and gifts!
   I had to retire my second work-out routine of the pregnancy this week.  First, I gave up running at 20 weeks.  Now I’m giving up “Super Fit Mama”.  It gives me this strained muscle in my right upper back every time I do it!  So for now I am sticking with Denise Austin dance DVD, walking, and my Fit Pregnancy workout DVDs.
We spent most of the day rearranging storage and cleaning out closets, in preparation for “the baby.”  Isn’t it funny how much time is spent preparing room for a person that is literally the size of a large pot roast!?  And yet, it is necessary.  They have so much gear in the beginning!  All in the name of parenthood survival, of course!


This is our first almost 2 year old we’ve ever had that knows exactly what to do with a baseball mitt.  This boy is ready to play some ball!
Again, this is the basement playroom, where we allow complete untidy-ness….


my birthday cake….after we’d had a little…  I did love how girly it was!
Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  24 weeks, and yes, I get much bigger than this….


Obviously, this was a very posed picture of me with my birthday bouquet.  I included all these pics because A.)  Alan put together three different bouquets to make this uniquely lovely one.  And also B.) Alan kept making fun of my fake “picture smile.”  He had me laughing pretty hard as he tried to get a photograph of my “real smile.”  Ha!  Well, it’s hard!  Do I need to whip out poor Joshua’s version of a fake smile for school pictures last year?  That was pretty hilarious, and yet totally understandable!
Daniel’s version of a photo fake smile is actually pretty awesome!
another box of things we had failed to unpack in three moves….
Here’s the thing about raising boys.  Do you see this lizard?  It’s not real, but it looks SO REAL, and they know it freaks me out.  Therefore, Alan and Caleb both use it to freak me out on a regular basis.  Oh, and when I vacuum I don’t even move the thing b/c I dislike it so much that I refuse to touch the thing.  Even worse, do you know where it came from, suddenly into our lives???  Alan found it in a parking lot, abandoned!  Yuck!





Yeah, all that packing paper was a huge hit with Dan.


Look what else I found!!!  My college ID card.


Over the years photo.  Unintentionally, I have taken an endless amount of pictures of the boys sitting in this recliner together.  I know I probably only have a few more years of them doing this, but you know I will insist they pose like this until they are 18….  ; )  Of course, this was not posed.  This is everyone’s favorite chair b/c leather furniture is COLD (bleh).  They were eating popcorn and watching Toy Story, a timeless classic.


I also found this sampler, stitched by my ‘Maw-Maw’ and reframed it.   I was surprised to see that it was actually just done in 1984, which I thought to be rather recent, but then I realized how “old” my children will think that that is!!!


Daniel, with his favorite hobby:  duplo blocks.  He just got a whole bunch of new ones from our neighbors, when they cleaned out their basement.  He is loving it!
We never actually got to play in the snow b/c we had a wintery mix all day long, and now most of it is melted.  Oh well.  It was nice to have everyone home today.












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