The Real Army Wives Series

The Real Army Wives Series

The next e-book I am working on is the dramatic story of my first year as a Real Army Wife.

It was the year I turned 22, I left everyone I knew, and moved 15 hours away to the great land of…..Texas, but one year into my marriage, and I had only seen my husband for a whopping 3 of those months.

It was the War on Terrorism in the days of its infancy, 2002-2003.  My husband went to Iraq, and they gave us no indication of when they would return home.

We’ve all had moments that defined us. That year was a life-changing year for me and the ladies I weathered the deployment with, the Real Army Wives.

I’m posting this story one chapter at a time, every Monday, on my blog. I hope you will check it out.

Want to read it from the beginning?
Start here: September 11, 2001

chapter 2 It was time to meet the Army.

Chapter 3: The First Good-bye

Chapter 4: New York City

Chapter 5: Our Young Military Marriage: Training, Tutwiler, & Thievery

Chapter 6: When it’s time to move on

Chapter 7: 3 Hilarious Misadventure in Oklahoma

Chapter 8: When Reality Smacks You in the Face

Chapter 9: Beginning to Meet the Real Army Wives

Chapter 10: Next Week for Sure We’ll Be Flying to Kuwait

Chapter 11: Shock & Awe


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Chapter 12: Sending Our Son to the War on Terrorism–by Donna, Alan’s mother

Chapter 13: When Alan First Deployed: My New Friends at 911

Chapter 14: Time to Build a Support Network

Chapter 15: The Coffee Group

Chapter 16: Sarah, Short & Cute

Chapter 17: New Friends, The Beefcake, & My Nemesis the Lawnmower

Chapter 18: Letters to War: Teaching Test Troubles

Chapter 19: Military Finances: Newlyweds on 2 Separate Continents

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