When Alan First Deployed: My New Friends at 9-1-1

Real Army Wives Series. When Alan first deployed: My New Friends at 911. funny and sad stories of young army bride

******This is the 11th chapter in the series The Real Army Wives, stories from a young military bride from the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2003.******

I tell you this particular chapter with hesitation and humility. It’s an embarrassing story, but at the time, this was my reality. I hope you can laugh with me now, and rest assured that I am not normally this paranoid. I promise.

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Rookie Army Wife: 3 Misadventures in Oklahoma

The Rookie Army Wife: 3 Misadventures in Oklahoma

When I arrived in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, we were basically living in a hotel room, albeit a super nice one. I was there for all of a week before we flew back to Alabama for Christmas.

Our measly month together in Oklahoma was kind of a blur, but there were a few things that happened that I have not been able to live down.

Three incidents to be exact, okay maybe 4 or 5…geesh I was full of mishaps that first month, but there are three I’d like to share!

….We’ll just skip the story of our first huge fight when Alan was following me, and I missed the correct exit, my cell phone battery was dead, and Alan breezed right past on to the next exit. Let’s just say I threw the mother of all fits. Alan had quite a firecracker on his hands.


The first misadventure happened on our loooooooong car trip from Alabama to Oklahoma after Christmas.

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Real Army Wives: When it’s Time to Move On

*****This post is part of The Real Army Wives series. For last week’s chapter, click here.*****


People say that the Lord isn’t worried about the small details of our lives. I could never believe that. Maybe he’s only involved in the small details if you ask him to be; although, sometimes He seems to show up even when you don’t ask. They call it Karma these days, but I don’t see it that way. I just call it walking with the Lord.

An Israeli man I once met in an elevator reminded Alan and me, 'It's not a small world. It's a big world, with a great CEO.'Click To Tweet

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