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How to Blog Index: Every article I've ever written about blogging

What? You don’t have huge ink blotches on your desk? No toddler scribbles? I can’t even imagine a world without toddler scribbles….

Lately I’ve had a few different friends email me with questions about starting their own blog, setting up a blog Facebook page, and making all sorts of blogging decisions. I am certainly no blogging expert, but with 3 years of public blogging now under my belt, there are a few good tips that I’ve picked up on.

So whether you are a brand new blogger or an experienced one looking for new ideas, here is a list of all the articles that I can find that I have written on the topic of blogging, websites, and social media.

Now, in case you have already read all my stuff, see this first one, just published March 2017, so chances are you haven’t read it yet:

This one was my biggest lesson of 2017. In January and February alone, my blog saw more traffic from Pinterest than I got in ALL of 2016 total. Lesson learned: never ignore Pinterest.


no matter what your blog niche is, Pinterest CAN bring you traffic!

Never ignore Pinterest.


If you’re looking for all the basics in one place, this is my most comprehensive how to article.

10 Blogging Tips for Beginners


Need to grow your social media following, but don’t know how to go about it? I found Crowdfire app extremely beneficial, especially for Twitter. Read more on that here.

How I used Crowdfire to gain over 50 new, legit followers/month


Understanding hashtags and how to use them to grow your blog traffic is also beneficial. I explain that here.

How to Use Hashtags to Grow Your Business


Hmmmm…All of those were articles that I wrote for Monterey Premier. Perhaps I should occasionally write some blogging or social media how-to articles right here on Stories of Our Boys. The reason that I haven’t is that it I make more money if I write them for Monterey Premier, and you know money does come in handy…

So I’ll leave you with one last blogging tip. Money. Don’t do it because you love money. Do it because you love writing about your passion or creating images and community online. Then gradually the more time you give it, the more paid opportunities will come your way. The very easiest way to start making money is affiliate marketing.

Next time you want to write about a product or service that you love, go to their website, scroll all the way to the bottom, and look for the word “affiliate.” Then click on it, and sign up to be their affiliate. Insert the link they assign you into your article, and if people buy it, you get a commission fee, usually a small one, but if you do that for each product or service you promote, it will add up. It’s a great way to start.

Psst…Even Etsy and Amazon have affiliate programs! (My serious thanks to whoever bought the Fitbit I recommended. I was about ready to give up on Amazon links.)

Shoot me any blogging questions you have. I will do my best to answer. If I have lots to say on the topic, I might even write my next article in answer to your question. Don’t worry. I won’t use your name in the article….unless you want me to…

You’ve read all my articles and you want MORE info? Here are 3 more articles that I have found helpful, written by other bloggers, more fabulous than me:

Making Photos Pop with Picmonkey— Learn how to use Picmonkey to make awesome photos for your blog from the pros at Just a Touch of Crazy.

5 Blogging Tools You Need Now— by my friend Jen over at

and How to Make Money Blogging–by Crystal Paine


Happy blogging, y’all!!



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Hot Mess Blog Hop Week 2

The Hot Mess Blog Hop

The Hot Mess blog hop is for all bloggers, even if you don’t actually think you are a hot mess. But you gotta be a hot mess at SOMETHING. No one is good at EVERYTHING. Right?

Link up your messies! We are all a hot mess sometimes, in need of God’s grace.

Only 1 Rule!!!  It’s a family show here. If it’s not PG or G, I’ll have to delete ya from the hop.

Bonus points if you follow me on something like Facebook or Pinterest. 🙂 Thanks!

Check out the most popular post from last week’s Hop:

And this one was a close second:

Why I Burned my Daily Homeschool Schedule

Now on to the new!! Join us!




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How I Used Crowdfire to Gain 50 New, Legit Followers/Month

Oh, I remember the simpler times back when social media was just a way to catch up with old friends. I poured over old photos and baby stories and shook my head at the crazies.

Then I became a blogger, and I realized that social media is actually a prime place to reach people.

If you are interested in reaching more people via social media for your blog or business, be sure to check out this article that I wrote for Monterey Premier: How I Used Crowdfire to Gain 50 New, Legit Followers/Month


Here’s a snippet:

How does it grow your following exactly???
It logs into your social media account of choice. Then it gives you “Prescriptions”.

How I Used Crowdfire to Gain 50 New, Legit Followers/Month


Click here to learn more!!! 

By the way, my goal for January was to reach 550 Twitter followers, and as of Jan. 18th, I am already at 552!!! So maybe I need to set my sights a little higher next month! Whoot!!



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How do you get more self-discipline when you work at home?


how to get self- discipline working from home

Apparently, for a perfect article, you’re supposed to solve a problem for the reader. (See, I’ve been reading up on it. Fat lot of good it’s done me.)

So I feel like I should apologize to all of my readers. Have I ever solved ANY of your problems? Noooo–unless your problem was you needed to feel better about yourself. If that is the case, I am HERE for you, man. I will tell you how short I fall of the mark, most any mark at all, and you will definitely leave feeling better about yourself.

When I ask the question, “How do you get more self-discipline?” you might think that I’m going to give you the answer….

But I’m not. Sorry. Yeah, I’m actually just asking YOU. Seriously. How? I’m supposed to be working from home this year.


Reality. What I actually do all day: but I love it. I love hanging out with this kid all day. I can’t help it. I may never get any work done. I don’t care.

Instead, I feel like I spend most of my time talking on the phone to cardiology offices, re-organizing little boys’ clothing, helping JD, and reading the news. And as usual, when I say the news, I do mean my Facebook news feed. See, they call it the news too.

How do I get the discipline to sit down and write beautiful stories???

I have some ideas. Tell me which ones you like the best:

  1. More Fall Decor  (Yes, I’m obsessed.)
  2. Front Porch Decor
  3. Money-Saving Grocery Shopping Tips
  4. “Make Over Your Evenings” Course (from Review
  5. 10 Things You Never Knew About Abraham Lincoln (I have learned so many Abe facts from this mega biography I’m reading.)
  6. But how do you choose joy? (I’ve been researching this in the mornings.)
  7. Why do fitness and nutrition have to be so obnoxiously important?
  8. Why all pre-school moms NEED to join M.O.P.S.

I met a mom at MOPS last week who has this self-discipline that I lack. She doesn’t even have a Facebook account. ****GASP!!!****

How do you maintain this level of self-discipline???” I asked her. I could also ask Amy, my sister-in-law this question. She always goes to bed on time, and she sticks to a schedule with her children (I’m apparently allergic to schedules). How????? No, I mean, how do you make yourself???

My new MOPS friend explained that she is an artist, so she wants to use her free time to work on her art, not Facebook.


Oh, how I love to post goofy photos on Facebook.

But I’m a writer, and I NEED to use my free time to work on my writing, so what am I doing posting pictures of myself exercising on Facebook? Why do I find it so important to share every funny Meme I find with my Facebook friends? Why must I “Like” everything my friends post???

But what if I don’t “Like” their photos, and they think that I therefore do not “like” the photos?? Oh, I have to hit “LIKE”! I JUST HAVE TO!!!! Wow. It’s a compulsion. I’m really nuts.

I was thinking. Maybe I should pour all of that energy I’ve been putting into social media into my actual blog/blogging community. Then I would have a better blog and less guilt.


Okay, so obviously I don’t have any good self-discipline tips. I only have questions, crazy, neurotic questions.

Please send me your best self-discipline tricks. Do you work from home? Are you self-motivated? How do you pinch your own rear to make yourself stop cleaning house or playing and actually work-at-home???

Don’t leave me hanging. I need ideas!



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10 Blogging Tips for Beginners (What I wish I had known when I started blogging!)

blogging tips


I am now officially a contributor to‘s blog, Engaging Work life! This was an exciting opportunity for me, and I hope you’ll give it a read.

Here’s a snippet:

#1. You HAVE to self-promote.
I didn’t want to do it either, but how can anyone ever read your blog if they don’t know that you posted something new? I see it all the time with friends that start blogs. They spend all that time writing, but then they keep it a secret.
Think of it as an invitation. You wouldn’t throw a party and then not invite anyone to it.

Click here to read the rest! 


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