My Fascination with Wedding Dresses

My Fascination with Wedding Dresses

My Wedding Dress…..and the Kiss the Bride moment. Yes, this is a photo of a photo. It was 2002.

Wedding dresses. I won’t say I’m obsessed because I don’t think about them ALL the time. I would say I’m fascinated with wedding dresses. 

Pretty often I find myself headed over to Kohl’s (because I actually am obsessed with Kohl’s). Do you know what is super close to Kohl’s in my town?

David’s Bridal.

I pass it, and I want to go in. I want to go in, and try on all the dresses.

And it’s an unrequited love. You can’t just go into David’s Bridal and try on wedding dresses when you have no intention of buying one. That’d be a good way to tick off some sales ladies.

I don’t want to buy one. I have no use for one.

I just want to drool over them, try 10 or so of them on, and feel like the Queen of the Day. Is that so wrong?

I can’t just put on my own wedding dress. There was that unfortunate incident. We talked about that here. My mom and I lost our wedding dresses in the same fire.

Even if my dress hadn’t died (and yes, okay, wedding dresses are special enough to die), I would not be able to fit it. The thing was tiny. Shake my head. I was obviously not finished growing yet.

Even if I did have a reason to buy another one, for say a 25th wedding anniversary vow renewal or something, I wouldn’t want to. Have you seen how much they cost now? It’s insane! I paid $450 for mine, before alterations, way back in the day.

Why would anyone pay $5,000 for a big white dress to wear one day, when that could pay for a whole Disney vacation? (for 2 people) No, thanks. (especially considering I’m already happily married…)

And yet, I still just want to look at them and wear them. I love to watch Say Yes to the Dress. Over and over. (You should see the boys’ confused looking faces. “Why are we watching this? Why is she crying?”)

Yes, I enjoy that show. Sometimes I even CRY at that show. Is it ridiculous? Yeah. yeah. I can’t explain it.

My Fascination with Wedding Dresses

my cousin, Amber, with her groom, Cale, so beautiful and happy

My Fascination with Wedding Dresses

Family friend, Sarah. Do you remember the girls who used to help with the boys for days while Alan was in Afghanistan? They grew up!

So, I just want to say, for the record, my name is April, and I love wedding dresses. I love to watch shows about them, drool over them in bridal magazines, and I day-dream about wearing them.

Who’s with me in my wedding gown love? Anybody?


What do I wear to the wedding?

I have a wedding to go to tomorrow. Oh, and Alan won’t be here to help me get the boys ready. He had a prior commitment, so I gotta figure out what we  are all going to wear by tomorrow.

Plus, I’m paying for THREE private school tuitions, so do not even say the words “shop” to me. There will be no shopping.

Here are my options. The wedding is outdoors. I am told the groomsmen will not be wearing ties, and it all takes place at 4pm.


my personal fave. But I do realize it looks pretty casual.


Don’t you think it’s too much black?


I like it, but Alan says it looks like a Halloween dress (because it’s black and orange). Sigh.

That’s it, y’all. That’s all I have!

By the way, can I just say how excited I am for this bride???  I won’t spoil her privacy by posting her name or photo. (But if she gives me permission, I’ll show you pictures on Sunday!!)

So, okay, 2 things, no, really 4:

  1. Please tell me which dress you think I should wear in the comments, or Facebook comment.
  2. Do know that I’m probably going to disregard what everyone says and where what I want anyway….Why? Why do I even ask then??
  3. In answer to #2, I don’t know. It’s a sickness.
  4. Pray for me to stay sane and not lose it with any sweet little men this weekend because there’s going to be a lot of forcing them to wear nice clothes and sit still, and well, we’ve discussed that before!!! There are four of them. Take what two little boys are like, times it by two, and that’s what we’re talking about here… a wedding!!!  (But don’t get me wrong. My children are of course perfect angels from Heaven and would never so much as sneeze as this wedding, I’m sure. Especially the three-year-old, I am absolutely sure he won’t start crying because he bumped his finger and not stop until the whole wedding is over…) Oh, what am I even worrying about? I’ll spend the whole event half a mile away from it to keep everyone from being “distracting” anyway.


But I should look good while hiding, so tell me which one to wear. Thanks!!!




The Best Dam Trip We’ve Ever Taken


hoover dam

Hoover Dam, the 2nd tallest dam in America, but probably the best known.  (The tallest one, in case that made you as curious as it made me, is the Oroville Dam in Oroville, California, east of Sacramento.)

This trip was all for Alan. I was all, “Why waste our time in southern Nevada and California? It’s out of the way, and I have zero interest in seeing Vegas. Casinos and showgirls? Sorry. Not our scene.”

Alan was all, “What!!  The Hoover Dam is an engineering marvel!! ” And then he said a whole bunch of stuff about the dam–I had no idea what he was talking about, really. Engineering: also not my scene. Alan talks about civil engineering frequently, actually, and that’s why it took us so long to go from friends to more than friends. 😉 ha! Love you, Alan!

I do occasionally TRY to be a good wife, though. (Hey, give me a little credit: I did bear him several children, in spite of my repeated nightmare deliveries.)

And like a good wife, I can admit when I’m wrong.

I was wrong.

The dam was not blah blah blah. We even went on the TOUR of the POWER PLANT of the dam, and I just knew that I would fall asleep. There was really no way out of it. I totally had Alan talked out of doing it, but then the lady at the ticket booth talked us into it with our big $2 discount, simply because Alan is military.  (But just to clarify, there’s really nothing that ‘simple’ about being in the military. If you want our discount, you would have to do things like live in the Iraqi desert for a year at a time. It’s 130 degrees there, ya’ll. Do you still want the $2 discounts?)  Ha!! Me neither! I won’t even stay outside if it goes over 100 degrees! When I was a high schooler, getting calls from military recruiters, I simply laughed, explained to them that I was too prissy for the Navy/Army/whatever, and hung up the phone. 😉

Before I knew it, I was in the dam tour line, patiently waiting to learn all about the dam power plant. 😉

April, the reluctant tourist

April, the reluctant tourist

First came the movie. No problem. I love movies. Yes, there was a lot of blah blah blah, but ALSO it was fascinating!!  And they had actual footage of the dam being built, which made it so much easier to understand. I learned a ton!

Alan was so excited, when halfway through the film, I said a completely serious, “Wow!”

That really made his day!

After the movie, they took us through the power plant of the dam. It really wasn’t so bad. Thankfully, it didn’t last too long, and it all made Alan so happy.



The Hoover Dam provides power for parts of Arizona, Nevada, and California. Plus it provides those states with water.

Do you know what it is that makes the Hoover Dam amazing??  Before we went, I thought it would be what it looked like. I thought, “Oh, people think it’s amazing because it’s gigantic.” No, that’s not it. It’s amazing because of what it accomplishes.

Here is what I learned:

-Before the Hoover Dam, the Colorado River caused a lot of trouble for everyone in its path. It caused flooding, and it was just a treacherous river.

-The Dam pretty much tamed the monstrous Colorado River.

-It controlled the flow of the water, and prevents flooding.

-The dam brings water to California, Nevada, and Arizona, and after driving through these states, let me tell you: they need water super badly!!

-The dam brings electricity to those states too.

-This makes those states habitable, really. Have you seen the Southwest? A whole lot of what we saw in those states was beautiful, but it was also dry, and some of it is comparable to the vast, dry mountains of Afghanistan.

-It’s a clean energy source. Isn’t that nice! No smog or nuclear fallout coming from the Hoover Dam.

how-it-works diagram. I sort of understood some of this, and I am okay with that. If you'd like to know more, just ask Alan.

how-it-works diagram. I sort of understood some of this, and I am okay with that. If you’d like to know more, just ask Alan.

hydro-electric pumps--or something like that

hydro-electric pumps–or something like that

Also, you do not want to touch that coppery railing--totally burned my arm!

Also, you do NOT want to touch that coppery railing–totally burned my arm!

-It’s also a marvel that all of those states and Congress could work together and get the Dam to come together. Imagine today’s Congress accomplishing that. They did an amazing job, and that’s why they later named it after Hoover, who worked so hard to orchestrate this ‘engineering marvel’.

-Oh, and by the way, even the parking deck outside the thing looks like a feat in itself.

-Lake Mead is a BEAUTIFUL blue.





This cute young couple had their picture made standing on the Nevada/Arizona border

-The area is experiencing a 13 year drought. They said the problem is that Colorado hasn’t had enough snow to melt into the river. I am going to pray for these people and their drought. The water in the river is insanely low right now. Won’t you join me in praying for rain for these folks?


We drove into Nevada on that bridge. It had barriers up, so you can’t see the dam if you’re driving. If I had known how high up this bridge was, i would have been a little bit chicken!

-Apparently, I’ve been pronouncing Nevada all wrong. The second syllable is pronounced “a” as in “apple” not “o” as in “ostrich”…according to our tour guide.

-While we were at the dam, that’s when I saw a sudden …fashion shift. Suddenly, there were more young people, and they didn’t seem to think that covering up was something to bother with. I get it. It’s the desert, and it was over 100 degrees. We have that problem in the south too, and we do wear as little clothing as we can, while still looking decent. These girls just didn’t bother with the whole ‘looking decent’ part.

Also a good rule of thumb, my sweet, young friends: If your shorts are so short, that you cannot wear regular underwear, because they are longer than your shorts, then save those shorts for your house. They are not for public wear. It’s getting hard to tell the hookers from the not-hookers, just sayin’.

-Okay, one last thought on the Hoover Dam, totally unrelated to fashion choices:  I love, love, love how man is able to cultivate the earth to make it work better for all of us. God made man–and when I say man–I do mean mankind (both men and women)–in his image. We are intelligent and can do wonderful things.

Nature left to itself tends toward disorder, out of control rivers, no electricity, and no pretty little tidy gardens. That is why the idea that man just spontaneously formed, without a creator is ludicrous. Have you ever seen a garden left untended? The weeds and grasses quickly choke out the beauty that was there. Creation itself testifies to the creator, and it is our job to take care of that creation.





Easter: The Golden Baptist Standard


Remember last Easter, when I was about 7 months pregnant and I totally forgot to prepare for Easter?  I joked that I had fallen very short of the “golden Baptist standard of Easter Sunday.” Well, boo-yah!!!  Look who planned ahead this year!!!!!

Are those MATCHING outfits???  Why,yes, they are!  We’ve come a long way, baby. (For a refresher on last Easter, just click here.)

(ahem…..that is a joke. Easter is not about clothing, of course….sometimes it may feel like it IS, but I can assure you that it isn’t. It’s about Jesus rising from the grave, conquering death, and making Heaven attainable for ALL of us.)


This was a refreshingly beautiful, happy Easter–the whole week was great! My parents visited, the sun is shining again, flowers are blooming, and JD is drinking from bottles AND sippy cups.  Life is looking up.

We even quizzed the kids to make sure they knew that Easter is about Jesus’s resurrection, NOT about bunny rabbits.  They passed with flying colors.  It’s always good to get to feel like, “Hey, we’re doing okay!!” even for just a little while!

The only downside to Easter is having to get everyone dressed up, and that’s not really a down side.  It’s just a lot of work.  I spared myself the AGONY that used to come when I made the boys dress like this for Easter:


The tie, which offended Caleb to the point of tears, had already been removed for this picture.



Oh, the sweetness and cuteness–I love it!!!  But you have no idea the crying and carrying on that we endured to get Caleb into that shirt and tie, which he shed as quickly as possible.


I am an older, battle worn, and more sensible woman these days.  This year there were no tears. Now they wear this:




ah, another Easter, another baby for us to cuddle….I will never grow tired of babies.  If I had handled the whole delivery, sleepless nights, and stress thing better, I would keep having them.  As it is, I’m just excited to tend to the ones I already have.  I figure I can spend my whole life rocking babies in the church nursery.

Don’t you love rocking babies??  Daniel is three, and sometimes I still rock him to sleep–or at least to the point of drowsiness–just so that we can both enjoy it.

Even the Easter Bunny scored big this year.  She–yes, our bunny is a female–decided to focus more on toys that fit in the basket and less on candy.  It was a serious hit.  The boys said it was their “best basket ever”.  I steered clear of the dollar store toys this year and got toys that I knew they wanted.



Our family is master of the “silly face” pose:




Big thank you to my mom for taking these photos for us!  I was pleased as punch to have proof that I actually remembered to buy Easter outfits this year.





I filled his eggs with Gerber Puffs.  Also!  I witnessed the BEST idea at church.  I saw a mom put her baby’s bib on backwards for feeding time.  *Mind blown*  How have I had four babies and never thought to do this????  That way the food did not stain the cute bib!!!  I’ve been copying this idea ever since.  Front side of bib out for drool time.  Backwards for feeding!!  Love it!

Another great idea we didn’t figure out until #4:  You don’t need a baby bath chair, once they graduate from the infant tub.  You need a large, non stick mat for the tub, like you use for old people that are fall risks!  JD never slips around, and we don’t have to struggle with a bath chair.  Genius.

We had such a blessed weekend, and I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed having my parents here.  Pictures from our DC adventure to come soon!

Sunday night we all slept like babies:


Happy Easter and Happy Spring, ya’ll!!!