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Living  in the South has ignited a passion in me for all things monogrammed, engraved, and personalized, so when I came across this locket that you can personalize online in 5 minutes with words AND photos, and order it right to your doorstep, I HAD to try it. Thankfully, I was able to get my hands on a free blogger sample. (Thank you!)

Making the Locket on

I was a little nervous about making it. Usually places like this want an exact size of photo, or I goof up and order 3 instead of 1… I did with those Third Love bras…but that’s another story…

Y’all! It was SO EASY, and there were OPTIONS– like Subway!! Silver or gold? What should be on the front? Which font? Choose your left inside. Words or photo? Choose the right inside. Choose what’s on the back. How long of a chain? Which type of shipping?

Want to see what I picked?

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Stitch Fix: Styling Fee Waived for My Readers!!!

****Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. When you purchase through my site, I do receive advertising fees.****Stitch Fix: Styling Fee Waived for My Readers!!!

Y’all, I am pleased as punch and just as excited as I can be to share this steal with you guys!!!! For a limited time, you can use THIS LINK to get your first Stich Fix box risk free! That means they will waive the $20 styling fee, so even if you send your entire box back without buying anything, you have lost nothing.

What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is a clothes shopping service. They send you a box of 5 clothing items. You buy only what you’d like from the box. You normally pay a styling fee of $20, but if you buy the items in your Stitch Fix box, they subtract that $20 from the price of your clothes.

If you buy everything in your shipment, it’s all 25% off!

For more information on the specifics, check out my First Stitch Fix Post.

Want to see what I got in my 2nd Stitch Fix Box?

This lovely necklace, which is navy and teal, so it goes with almost everything I wear!

These fuchsia pants! I paired these brightly colored trousers with a solid Lula Roe Irma top and the necklace from my box.

They do send you coordinating pieces, but the top to go with these pants was a sweater, and it was HOT that day. Here’s the sweater. It was finally cool enough to wear it this week:

Stitch Fix sweater. Note the fringe sides.

The sweater is so cozy I didn’t even wear a shirt under it, which is rare for me. I cannot stand an itchy sweater.

I enlisted John David’s help for this next photo, and he’s 4, so it’s a little fuzzy…


I’m a big fan of this top!

Here’s the selfie-non-fuzzy version:


Yes, okay, I own a selfie stick. Caleb bought me one at the Dollar Tree for Christmas one year.


My FAVORITE ITEM in this Fix was this dress. I received so many compliments on this adorable dress.


Yes, I pared it with cowboy boots….because who doesn’t love a good cowboy boot.


My helper

I can already tell you this dress will be something I wear over and over and over again because it’s cute, flattering, and comfortable. Win. Win. Win.


This is such a fun service, both for clothes lovers and the shopping avoidant alike. I once again purchased the entire box. Yes, I kept all 5 items. Wouldn’t you?  When you figure in the 25% off, it’s like getting the most expensive item in the box (the pants) free. Plus, there are no shipping fees, only tax.

Click here to try it out. Tell us about your Stitch Fix experience in the comments below and leave any questions you have.






August Lane: My New Favorite Place to Shop Online

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Today I want to share with y’all my new favorite online store, August Lane. At August Lane, you can find personalized clothing, accessories, kids’ clothes, and home items that will make you smile each time you glance down at your monogrammed tote bag.

When I first found this site, I may or may not have spent quite a bit of time pinning and wishing.

This store has the CUTEST stuff!!!


my monogrammed tote bag from August Lane

Here are a few things that I ordered from August Lane, monogrammed with my initials:

I love this jacket!! It’s so perfect for Georgia!!

This is perfect for several reasons:

  1. It’s light weight.
  2. The monogram classes it up big time.
  3. AND it’s oh-so-cozy!!

I normally carry it around for buildings that go overboard on the air-conditioning, like our church’s conference center which seems to always be set on 60…..except for this week. THIS week the air conditioning quit working at our house. Y’all!!! It’s 93 degrees outside, so I might actually just drive around looking for an air-conditioned building to go sit in.

Oh! The jacket also has thumb holes!!!



Love this casual shirt with the monogram flair.

I felt so cute wearing this—that one day that it was finally cool enough to wear sleeves. I can’t wait for it to get cool again. C’mon fall!!


They can do names, labels, initial, whatever you need it to say.

And of course, my bag!! It was supposed to be my Sunday School teacher bag, but I like it so much I’ve been using it as my purse too!

I carry it everywhere. It even has an inside zipper pocket, a must for me.

We have had a HUM-DINGER of a September, thanks to our broken air conditioner, the hurricanes, my mini-van being trapped in my garage for 3 days because the garage straight up lost its mind….all while Alan was temporarily overseas…..yeah. Did I mention life has been practically puking problems on us lately?

Don’t worry. Alan is back now, and he is hoping to have it all repaired this weekend.

It may sound silly, but frilly touches like my monogrammed initials on my jacket and my hand bag do help brighten my day!

I don’t think I had ever ordered a single monogrammed thing before I found Why? Well, I love the look of it, but we move a lot, so I do not know the places to go anywhere I live to find services like this.

Also, it just looks expensive, you know?

What I LOVE about this online store is that you can find pretty stuff for good prices. Everything is so cute, completely affordable, AND I can order it from anywhere, without leaving my house.

Let me show you a few of the other adorable things I found at August Lane!!!


This is what makes it a steal. If you buy a “personalized mug”, for example, and it says $23, that price INCLUDES your monogram.


There are always several items on sale, if you are shopping on a budget. Currently (mid-September), long-sleeved t-shirts are on sale for $12, and that includes your monogram!

I noticed when I received my own shipment, that they even provided a coupon for my next order, so this is definitely a place where you can score a good deal.


If you are ordering clothes, order your normal size. I found my jacket and my shirt to run true to size.

Want to win a personalized jacket of your own??? Enter the giveaway below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you’re unsure how to work the raffle-copter giveaway entry, just comment below and I will enter you.


Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Here’s hoping Alan can fix our air conditioner before we all melt!

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