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This post is part of the series, The Real Army Wives, which I’m writing to document the early years of The War on Terrorism. Click here to read last week’s post.

Counselor, Friend, Same Difference

While Alan’s parents were still glued to the news, Dr. Jones actually recommended to me that I stop watching it for the sake of my sanity.

Once I quit watching it, I’ve never gone back. Ask me to this day what channel CNN or Fox News are, and I can’t tell you. It puts my brain in a negative place, so I don’t go there. About once every few months, the internet will get all in an uproar over something, I’ll turn on the television and watch it for 10 minutes, and then I’m done. 10 minutes is all it takes. After that, they just repeat the same story over and over again anyway.

A nice perk of the deployment was the temporary pay raise. I decided to take $250 of that special pay and fly myself in a counselor, and by counselor I do mean my good college buddy Jennings.

Jennings had narrowly escaped sending her fiancee, Jason, to the war with a Marine reserve unit herself.

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