The Future for Us and This Blog


There is this one question people keep asking me lately.

1.) Are you moving this summer? Do you have orders yet?

Yes and no. We are moving this summer, and we DO know where we are going. The person in charge of that has reassured Alan over and over again of where he’s assigned.

However, we do not have orders yet, so until we do, we aren’t announcing it. Last time we moved, we made this big announcement to the kids, and they keep waiting for this. The thing is it keeps dragging on for so long the they are having bad dreams, so we did tell them, “Look, more than likely, we pretty much know we’re going to this city.”

That helped them a bit. It just got to me yesterday when Daniel told me his dream. He dreamed we kicked the boys out of the house for three days, and then we finally let them back in because we were all moving. Even as he was getting in the car, he didn’t know where we were moving to.

Sad!!! I promise you we’d never do that. It was just a dream from a boy with an uncertain future! These moves were much easier for them when they were babies!

The Blog

It feels like I hardly ever blog anymore. When the boys were younger, I HAD to have the blog as an outlet. It was air to me.

Plus, there was no schedule much to life, other than what self-imposed schedules we devised. Now that the boys are older, life moves FASTER. I can’t keep up. I literally keep 3 planners/calendars, 4 if you count Caleb’s, which I’m teaching him how to use.

Driving from place to place and drop-offs to pick-ups is pretty much what I do. When I’m home, that time is taken up with helping my middle boys study, cooking, cleaning, and getting ready to leave the house again.

I love having school-aged children. It’s a completely different kind of stress than having toddlers, a fatter phase of life for me. I was so much thinner when they never let me sit down!! Ha!!! This has made a solid 10 pounds of difference.

Apparently driving the mini-van all over town does NOT count as exercise…

I’m also enjoying sleeping through the night and not changing diapers! Every phase has its perks!

Changing the Blog

Towards the end of the year, I went through a crisis of decision. Should I drop the blog altogether? After all, I cannot write much about my oldest boys on here at all anymore out of respect, you know?

Should I switch to a single topic?

I couldn’t decide what to do at all, so I’ve still focused on one Real Army Wives story per week, and I’ve signed on for a couple of product reviews/ unboxings.

The blog must go on until the Army Wife series is complete, and the story will be complete at the end of the first deployment.

Past that, I haven’t decided. What do you think?

Me with my 3 thespians after their school’s Christmas play


I keep meaning to write about this book: Wonder. Joshua, Caleb, and I read it together, and we loved this book. It was deeply personal to me, since I grew up with a sister who was a wonder in her own right. Everyone always stared at her too, so I felt a connection to the story of Via in the book. Via is the sister of Auggie, the little boy with the deformed face.

This book will may you cry, yes, but it’s more than that. It’s also inspirational and uplifting. Read it! See the movie!

Moving Again

One last topic I MUST hit on. Moving again. Y’all know we’ve moved 9 times already in the past 16 years, and it has always been an adventure.

There’s a huge difference between moving to different houses and moving to different states/ cities/ cultural regions!! It has been quite a ride!!

Moving is my favorite and least favorite thing about military life. I love the new experiences. I hate putting the kids through it.

It used to be easy to sell as “Oh we’re moving to so-and-so. Yay! This will be so fun and exciting.”

But now they can remember the past TWO moves, and they aren’t buying it.

The boys and I were all riding in the car the other day, and they were griping, and I exclaimed, “Hey! Moving is a grand adventure!”

The three oldest all gave me a resounding, “No! Nooooo it’s not!”


Y’all, they will be fine. I will too. We are trusting the Lord. And if the kids start to look mopey, maybe I actually will just buy them a puppy!  Hahaha! Because that would clearly solve our chaotic situation, right? Yep. I’m serious though.

So many decisions to make! Okay. I’ll end this here. A kid stopped up the toilet, and Alan called. I should find the phone and answer it. Probably I should also make dinner…

This photo made me laugh. I mean, you just gotta look at the camera when they’re taking a photo right? Who can resist?



Goals for my Future


Who knew I would ever be so excited about a label maker?   I have big plans for this thing.

Alan also got me this beautiful necklace.  Love it!

This past week I turned 33.    That makes me stop and ask, “Am I where I wanted to be at 33?”

Yes,  definitely,  plus some!  I never counted on having all these blessings,  and to top it all off,  I have way more direction and goals than I had 10 years ago.   Gosh,  ten years ago,  I was an unemployed,  graduate school drop out.   Wait,  no,  I was still in graduate school,  working towards a Masters in counseling.   It just didn’t feel right though. How could a 23 year old counsel other people?   I decided to keep searching.

By 24, I was a pregnant Mary Kay lady and bank employee,  happily planning my life as a stay at home mom.   I couldn’t wait!   What a privilege to get to stay home with my babies!

Gracious!   Who knew I would end up with so many babies?   Ha!   I haven’t really learned how to handle this many without sleep depriving myself.   I should really be sleeping right now,  but eh!   I just love blogging so much.   🙂   I’ve kept a journal,  much like this,  since I turned 8, so I have trouble going to sleep if I skip it for too many days.   It truly is a deeply ingrained habit!

I had a great birthday.   Alan had to work late,  but at least we have fun plans for this weekend.  You should have seen me at the bar of my favorite BBQ place tonight,  with all 4 boys,  waiting to pick up my take-out order.

By golly,  it was my birthday,  and I was determined to have pulled pork nachos!   Ha!  The boys loved the waiting.  *sarcasm*

I glanced over at Joshua and said,  “Joshua,  put that knife down!” Caleb replied,  in Joshua’s defense,  ” Well, he’s just protecting us against strangers! ”  I secured the knife,  and Daniel said,  “I gotta go woo woo. ”

Right.   This is why I don’t leave the house.

The best part of my birthday was just doing my job,  hanging out with my littles all day.



We made crafts and baked cookies.   These two are a lot of fun.   Now I know I’ve been known to proclaim that I hate crafts.   I really just hate complicated crafts.   I love easy crafts for kids.   You will still never catch me with a sewing machine,  an exacto knife,  or power tools,  though.

I think crafts are important for small children.   Daniel learned a lot about gluing and planning a project by making this little foam monster,  and it gave him that sense of pride you get from a job well done.   After the monster craft,  I set him up at the table with scissors,  paper,  airplane pictures,  and a glue stick.  He was SO happy.  He kept bringing me paper that he had cut,  with a giant,  proud smile on his face.


So this got me thinking.   Where do I want to go from here?   What are my next big goals?

Glad you asked!  ; )

1.  Write at least 1 children’s book.

2.  Write at least one grown up book.

3.  Try not to get pregnant.

4.  Remember to enjoy my children while they are young.

5.  Keep reading my Bible.

6. Pray way way more.

7.  Be a better wife.

There.  I think 7 broad goals is a good place to start.   Gotta keep the main thing the main thing!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes.   It was great,  and now I’m going to work on today’s big goal:  get more sleep.   I think It will solve many of my so called problems.

See to it you complete the work you have in the Lord.         Colossians 4:17