JD Presents the New VeggieTales DVD Giveaway!

DVD Giveaway

“Bob! Bob! Bob!”

I have a treat for you all today! A Very Veggie Giveaway!

I have always liked Veggie Tales, even before I had children. The silly songs are a delight, and each and every episode shares a moral or Biblical principle. There is usually even a Bible verse to go along with the lesson. Love!

But they do all this without losing the fun, and that’s what makes VeggieTales so unique.

JD loves Veggie Tales so much that he often walks around the house toting an asparagus (Alfred) in one hand and a cucumber (Larry) in the other. And every single night, without fail, JD asks me to sing the Veggie Tales theme song to him. Not even kidding. The funny thing is that I actually know all the words! But in my defense, I’ve been mommy-ing for 10 years now.

Here’s a clip from the newest “Veggie Tales in the House” collection, just released on DVD today (March 25, 2016– right in time for Easter baskets):


I sat down and watched almost the entire DVD with the kids. 8 episodes! I don’t think there’s an age limit. We all enjoyed it, but Caleb (age 8) and JD (age 2) are my biggest Veggie Tales fans. They’re in it for Larry, who is both cute and funny. I’m in it for the songs and lessons. This one has themes on responsibility and kindness.

And as always, Bob and Larry will remind your children that, “God made you special, and he loves you very much.” That’s a message you won’t find on many kids’ shows, for sure:

We give the new collection all of our thumbs up, and we hope you enjoy it too.

It’s for sale at The VeggieTales Online Store as well as any Christian bookstore. Or, if you’re feelin’ lucky, enter the giveaway! I’ll announce the winner in 7 days, right here on http://storiesofourboys.com.

VeggieTales Giveaway

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Back To Fall Sports Giveaway!


Did the first week of school hit any of you as hard as it did us? Phew!

I do want to say thank you for your prayers. By Friday morning, I felt like I was myself again. That battle is finished, and I can’t tell you how much your prayers and letters of encouragement meant to me.

Now it’s on to the next thing, right?

My mom has arrived, and she is downstairs taking care of JD and Daniel for me. When I left to come up here, Daniel was begging Nana for “suyup toast.” That’s french toast, for those of you who do not speak Daniel.

With three boys going into fall ball this year, what better time for a Giveaway of cleaning products?


We do love to get dirty.

But actually, they are all playing soccer this fall instead of baseball. Either way, I will be doing TONS of laundry.

Ha! It’s funny what things excite me at my age. Offers for baby products? Eh… Offers for breastfeeding products?  Well….

Offers for stain remover, HOLD THE PHONE!!  Did someone just offer me cleaning products!? YES! Send them right away. I will be happy to write you a review!

The Back to Fall Sports Espro Giveaway

Supplies ready!

First, I tried it out on chocolate:

chocolate stains

Chocolate Before

As you can see, it worked extremely well on chocolate, 100%:

After Espro

Chocolate stains after the Espro

I also had great success using it as a carpet cleaner. The carpet in my dining room is my #1 nemesis. Who puts carpet in a dining room??? It’s not like we have an eat-in kitchen, either. This is where we eat.

Such is the life of a renter…

Carpet stains after Espro

After, at a glance

My carpet has a blotchy color anyway, so it was hard to get a good photo. I was able to get up 98% of the stains with the Espro.  I just sprayed, scrubbed, and vacuumed.

carpet cleaner

You can easily tell, in this photo, where I used the cleaner and where I didn’t.

With the dirt yard that my boys are constantly tracking through, my carpet takes an insane beating. I make them take their shoes off in the house, but it still gets extremely dirty.

I was very pleased with Espro’s ability to clean the bad spots out of the carpet. I regret that I didn’t get a “before” picture…Well, I mean, sort of. That would actually be kind of embarrassing…

I was also impressed with Espro as a stain remover. It got 90% of the dirt that ‘Dirt Boy’ embedded into his t-shirt, and it was especially effective at little unidentified spots on the boys’ clothing.

Now here are the quick facts you may want to know about stain removal. I have found these tips to be highly beneficial over the years. 

Cold Water is best for:


dairy products, and

body fluids


HOT Water is best for:

mega dirty anything (except blood),

cloth diapers,

grease or oil stains


And a few fast facts for the ESPRO Sports Cleaner:

  • Environmentally friendly: no bleach, butyl, phosphates, chlorinated, petroleum. or other ozone depleting solvents
  • Can also be used as just an odor eliminator
  • Safe for use on all fabrics, even silk
  • Safe to use around pets and children
  • Will not harm colors
  • Used by over 100 Collegiate sports teams

Also, this company is based in Alabama and Georgia, and the products are  manufactured right here in the USA. 

I hope you will find the Espro Sports cleaner as helpful as I have! You can buy it at many Walmarts. However, just in case yours doesn’t carry it, here’s a link to where you can order online:   esproclean.com/shop/

Now it’s time for the Giveaway!!! Here’s what you could win:

The Deluxe Package: 

The Deluxe Package is an upgrade of the $10 TV Special. The Deluxe Package includes: One 64oz Refill Bottle, One 32oz Spray Bottle, One Stain Wipes Pack (12), Two Microfiber Towels. A $35 value.



The Giveaway winner will receive all of this, but the 2nd bottle of Espro will be MUCH bigger.

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If you’d like to enter, but you have trouble, send me an email, and I will enter you manually. Thanks!!!    

Dirt boy does not wish to go to the potty.


sweet little dirt boy

JD is the definition of “all boy”. He requires 2 baths and 3 sponge-downs/day. He plays in dirt, sand, mud, and water. He’s the easiest toddler in the world because you will hardly hear a grunt out of him all day.

He wakes up, and he says, “Dirt?”

“You want to go play in the dirt?”



Sometimes, I promise, he wears shoes.

“Sure,” and we open the door to our mini-fence. It is literally a mini-fence. It is the size of a bedroom, and since there is no air-conditioning or bugs, we just leave the door to the house wide open. JD spends half the day in his tiny play yard.

He’s so filthy by noon that I bathe him, feed him lunch, and put him to bed. He sleeps for a couple of hours. Then he wakes up and says, “Dirt?”


Everyone should have a happy place.

“Dirt? Beach?”

He calls his sand box the beach.

Right now JD and Daniel are actually inside. JD has 2 Sarge jeeps from the Cars movie, so Dan convinced him to let him hold one. JD is very serious about his car collection. His favorite is this random hot rod called Boost. We only know his name is Boost because it’s written on his license plate.

All day:


“Beach? Boost? Dirt?”

“Where Dad?”


“Where Dad?”

He’s so cute, we just can’t leave him alone, and he’s two so he still likes to cuddle with me.


Notice the halo. Apparently, he truly is an angel! Or I should turn my flash off…

He was not impressed with the Potty Training Pep Talk that I posted last week. He’s boycotting the potty.


trampoline time

I was all geared up for the process too, y’all. I took a deep breath, Alan bought underwear, and I announced our plan to the tiny man.

“Look JD! Underwear! You are a big boy. You can pee on the potty and wear underwear.”

His eyes filled with sudden panic. His jaw set in utter determination.

Hmmm. The family stubborn gene is also strong with this one.



This is not how I had this planned.

I forged on. He wore the underwear, not that he approved of it.

I took him to the potty.

“Noooooo!” He fled the potty as though it were a rattlesnake. I don’t get it. Three weeks ago he loved the potty.

Why do toddlers pull this kind of mess?

Sooooo…..I put the underwear in the drawers. I put the boys back in Luvs. I’m going to have to buy a stupid tiny potty. I didn’t want to. It’d be so much easier if he’d just use the big potty like the rest of us. That’s what Daniel did.

But let’s face it. JD and Daniel are about as alike as a dog and a cat, so my next step is to try the little potty.


What? Does your house not look like this? Yes, they also play with my shoes. Shoes are obviously magnificent toys.

Do any of my California peeps have a potty they aren’t currently using that we could borrow for, oh, I don’t know, 6 months?

Each baby continues to remind me: As a parent, we never have this thing figured out. Each baby is unique, and some babies are down right humbling.

Embrace the humbling. Pride cometh before a fall.

Hope you are all having a great week! Anyone have any similar potty stories they’d like to share?


Do tell.

Don’t forget to enter the Mighty Mighty Giveaway!!!

Just click on this image to enter the giveaway! (And hurry! It closes in a week!)


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