Spring Break Day 1: The Shirt War, Full House, Jesus, and The Vote


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As we speak, Joshua and Caleb are playing basketball in the driveway while John David and Daniel are rolling around on the trampoline together. Alan is eating supper, and I am updating my blog for the first time in a week. Slacker.

I’ve been working on photo albums through Snapfish lately. Y’all, photo books are 70% off this month (March), so I am making as many photo books as I possibly can. I have about a hundred I could make since the last time I was caught up on photo printing was 2013…

One of my newly created albums came in the mail today, of photos from 2 years ago. One of the boys was a little embarrassed to realize that in this album was an adorable photo of the 4 boys reading together in a chair, and he was in his underwear. Just his underwear. I might have jokingly threatened to share said photo album with future dates. He might have retorted back that the page will definitely be torn out long before that. Sigh. Oh well.

The photo is safe for now, and the picture is so cute. I’d show you, but well, I am at least nicer than that.

I’m trying to hold the boys to just family parties this year. Well, family parties + just 1 or 2 friends.

I took a vote this morning, asking everyone here if they’d rather go hiking today or stay home. Everyone but Daniel voted to stay home, so here we are.

I tried to go walking, but it started raining on me so I cut that short. I passed Joshua on my way inside. Apparently, rain drops don’t phase him. He came in with soaking wet hair.

Y’all don’t want to know how many squabbles I have refereed today. Ugh. This should definitely count as a special skill on my resume. I am extremely experienced at sending everyone to different rooms.

We did have an epic game of driveway birdie tonight, though…wait. No, that’s not what they called it…badminton! I had to ask them what the game was called. Ha! But it was super fun!

Remember that Mother’s Day that they bought me a Badminton set, and so we played that for Mother’s Day? Only now, the boys are actually way better at it than I am!

Joshua, Alan, and I were sitting in the living room today getting quite a show from a new sport taking place on our trampoline. Daniel and John David were out there together, and we watched them take their shirts off and have a shirt war.

Joshua observed, “John David sure is good at whipping Daniel with his shirt!” They had a better view than I did, and they kept saying, “Ohhhh Owww  Whoa! Ho! hahahaha! Is he okay…..yeah.”

For some reason this game made Daniel and JD quite happy, so we didn’t intervene. Perhaps we should all try it…. ha!


I came home a couple of weeks ago with the complete DVD set of the original Full House. Why? Because I’m the world’s worst person at sticking to any sort of budget…..also because we have already watched Fuller House, so I felt like the boys had to see the first series to understand it better.

Alan took so long at Walmart this afternoon, on a trip to buy Daniel’s birthday present and Tostitos, that we watched 4 episodes of Full House while he was gone. Our family is all about it right now, so don’t be surprised if you hear the boys say “How rude!” or “Have mercy!”


I heard 2 funny quotes this week that I wanted to share.

1.”Who is I love Lucy? Were they zombies?”

2. A leprechaun visited John David’s school. He left them Skittles and a messy classroom of confetti and such. I asked J.D. who the leprechaun was. He didn’t miss a beat, “Jesus.”


I came across some encouraging Bible verses in my reading today:

“Perceiving then that they were about to come and take him by force to make him king, Jesus withdrew again to the mountain by himself.”   John 6: 15

I’ve been thinking lately about how apolitical Jesus was. He was never interested in power or rule or talking politics. He wanted to teach about God, love, and healing people. I feel like as Christians we need to persist in getting our message of love out to the world. Things of this world are temporary, but our souls are eternal. Love is eternal.

“Do not work for the food that perishes, but for the food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give to you. For on him God the Father has set his seal.” Then they said to him, “What must we do, to be doing the works of God?” Jesus answered them, “This is the work of God, that you believe in him whom he has sent.”    John 6: 27-29


Believe. Faith. Hope. Love. Against such things there is no law.

And now on to the rest of Spring Break. 1 day down, 8 days to go. I’m excited. I still have a  great deal of refereeing ahead of me, but it’s worth it because I also have days of Badminton and shirt-whipping.

I’d upload photos for you to have a peek into our adventures, but my computer is so full it won’t let me upload anything new. Issues. I can only give you pictures that I can steal from Facebook. Triple sigh. You know that’s driving me crazy. But don’t worry. I will not rest until I fix this problem!

Okay, one more hilarious quote from tonight:

“Hey, Mom, I am five, and you are thirteen. No! 14. You are 14.”

hehehe Nope. I didn’t correct him. Is that wrong? I say no.

Have a great Spring Break, y’all!





Dan and JD Present this Mighty Mighty Giveaway!

mighty mug for preschooler

Daniel, happily using the Mighty Mug

Last month we were on vacation, staying at my parent’s house, aka Nana and Granddaddy. Nana’s table requires a tablecloth. Not a big deal, right?

Not unless the Dan Man is eating at that table. In his defense, he probably wasn’t the only one; it just seemed like it was usually him.

Poor Nana. I am not even kidding when I tell you that Dan was spilling drinks about three times a day.  I went to the store and bought Nana more tablecloths.

Then lo and behold, I got this email. Blogging is the coolest job ever. People are always asking to send me free stuff to review. I only accept the ones that I truly believe will help my family and my readers.

This company said they have a mug that won’t tip over. It’s not a sippy cup. It’s a coffee mug, a grown up coffee mug that will not tip over, unless you punch it hard, to purposefully tip it over.

I couldn’t believe my luck. “Yes! Send me this thing right away!”


We use this every day now. JD, Dan, and I take turns with it.

When I returned home from vacation, the mug was waiting for me. I get the best mail!

I picked this color because I feel like I deserve to own extra girly things, living in a house full of males. It is primarily my cup, after all.

Daniel asked me if he could drink out of it.  Oh, wow. This is going even better than planned! “Absolutely, Dan!!!”

I watched eagerly to see if he could find a way to spill it. If anyone can, it’s him.


Dan, with his Mighty Mug and his breakfast

The older boys were fascinated with it too.

“Wow. How does it do this? Is there a magnet in there? It’s like it has super gravity. I’m gonna show this to my friends,” and they did!

It is really neat. You see that bottom part? It is rooted to the ground, but no, it’s not a suction cup on bottom. I have no idea how this thing works, but it does work.

We all figured out very quickly that you have to lift straight up to pick it up, but it’s not heavy at all. Actually, it’s become quite the party trick at our house.

But here’s the real test. Guess who wanted a turn to use it…..the littlest man….


I held my breath, as I sat on the other end of the table…..

Nope. He didn’t tip it over.


I don’t remember what was in it, but it must have been good.


He even learned how to open and close it.

I know this probably isn’t the intended use of the Mighty Mug, but when you have several kids you use things in unique ways.

Nana, you wanted a good birthday gift idea for Alan. Well, he wants a manly colored one to take to work.

My one big tip: I was going to include an Amazon affiliate link to this product, but I won’t do it because Amazon charges $27.99. If you buy this straight from themightymug.com, it’s only $19.99. Other styles vary in price. The teal version also comes in many different colors. It’s the “Mighty Mug Go”.  Shipping is free from themightymug.com, if you purchase at least $30 worth of products. (If you use Amazon Prime, but only if you are only buying one mug, it may even out since you don’t pay shipping.)

Spill proof matters at our house. Two thumbs up here!

Now for the BEST PART!

We are giving one away!!!

Just click on this image to enter the giveaway! (And hurry! It closes in a week!)


These Delightful Children

IMG_4745 IMG_4748

This boy has loved this third or fourth hand Nursery Rhymes book until it has completely fallen apart. The adorable-ness level fills my heart with joy.

Everyday. My friend Barbara once remarked that, “We can never truly get depressed because we have these children that keep us going. They make us happy.”

They do. Did I feel gloriously joyful this morning, when right as we were supposed to leave for church, I found JD soaked from head to toe with toilet water??? Um no. And he was drenched. Boy must have been dunking his head into the bowl.

ARgh.  He was wearing the ONE pair of non-jogging-type-pants that was clean too. I had him looking so adorable before the toilet bath, and instead he ended up attending church in an Alabama t-shirt and black wind pants.  : /

No. Elated isn’t quite how I was feeling, but underneath my aggravation, I was busy and happy. This job is fun. There’s no denying it.


Caleb was very disappointed in our tardiness. He likes to get to Sunday school early so he can eat a third breakfast. I think he puts up quite a fuss if he gets there late and they don’t serve him food. How do I know? Because we got a note the third or so week that we went to this church. It said something like this:

“Breakfast is served at 9:45. He has to arrive on time to receive breakfast.”

baaaahahahahaha   We shame-facedly took our note, tucked our tails between our legs, and took our obviously starving child home…ah punctuality, what families of little ones are known for…



AW. Isn’t he cute, playing with his dollhouse fire station? 😉 Actually, he is getting thinner lately. He paused on his dash into breakfast Sunday school this morning to ask me to tighten his pants. Now these weren’t big pants. These were hand-me-downs from Joshua. I tightened them as tight as you can possibly tighten them, and they still had a little room, but he just had to go with that.

Anyone have a great recommendation for pants for skinny but tall boys?

They keep us laughing. I laugh every single day. Yesterday I took Daniel with me to the grocery store, and I let the others stay home with Daddy. This was a mistake because without Joshua and Caleb there to help, I had to haul my two buggies around the store by myself, with Daniel happily making the first buggy (the race car one) heavier as he “drove” it.

People always smile at me when I take multiple helpful little boys to the store with me. People were more like scowling at me, walking all slow with those two buggies and just the one kid. I guess I looked slow and greedy. I needed a sign that read, “Feeding 6 people. Stop judgin’.”

Daniel always goes to the grocery store with me. Daniel will go anywhere you want to go, and he hates being left at home. Joshua and Caleb are the opposite. They seem to think that home is base and everything else is work, which requires them to wear real clothes.

Well, you know we moved this year, so I’m learning my way around a new place, which isn’t easy. I get lost. Also, I’m a day dreamer. Sometimes I miss even the turns that I do know. This is really bad because then I don’t know how to fix it. I only know the one route to most places.

Daniel knows this about me a little too well. He was apparently very proud of me for making it allll the way to the grocery store and back without getting lost.

As we turned onto the highway, Daniel said, “You made the right turn!!!  Good job, Mommy!”

: / “Thank you, Daniel. Let’s listen to the radio.” I turned on the radio.

“No, not this Mommy. Other radio!”

I switched it to our Classical Conversations memory work CD. It features history, learn the presidents in order, and skip counting songs, among other things.

“Yes! This one!” He did his best to sing along. So adorable.

We pulled into the grocery store. He was ecstatic. “You did it, Mommy! You got all the way here and no you get lost. Good job, Mommy!”


“Me want race car buggy.”

We shopped, we left, and then Daniel congratulated me on all of my correct turns all the way home. It was a humbling experience.


Hope you all have a great week. I hope you all make all your turns correctly, get all the breakfast you want, and do not find anyone washing their hair in your toilet!