Spring Break Part II: Funny Stuff They Said with Daniel’s Recipe Printable

Spring Break Part II: Funny Stuff They Said with Daniel's Recipe Printable

I love watching my boys play ball.

Having my kids home all day cracks me up. I mean literally, by 5:30, when my husband gets home, I’m a little cracked in the head.

But I love it. I do.

What do you do on the lazy days of Spring break? Well, for any parent who decides to stay home with the kiddos during their week off of school, these are definitely not lazy days. Duh, right?

But it’s still fun. I cooked 3 meals yesterday. Do you think anyone will notice if I only “cook” 2 today?

Daniel helped me make last night’s dinner. He even helped come up with a recipe.

“Mom, can we have a bowl of carrots for dinner?”

“Um, well…”

“And bwocowi! Bwocowi and carwats for supper. Nothing else.”

“Um, well…we do need to have some kind of meat. Chicken, maybe?”

“No. How about if you put the meat in with the bwocowi and the carwots, all in 1 big bowl?”

“Hmmm. Yes, that sounds good. How about this sausage?”

“Yes! Yes.”

Spring Break Part II: Funny Stuff They Said with Daniel’s Recipe Printable

helping me bake his cake….Actually, at this point he was lickin’ the bowl.

So Daniel and I made a delicious dinner that, believe it or not, was heartily consumed by all SIX residents of the House of Tiny Men.  Here’s the recipe. Alan made me write it down.

So I typed it out for you to print for yourself.

Just click on the link below to download and print the recipe.

Spring Break Part II: Funny Stuff They Said with Daniel’s Recipe Printable

Daniel’s Sort of Gazpacho

Okay, it may not be that pretty, but I promise it was yummy. Even my picky eaters did eat it, believe it or not.



Daniel tries to hang out with the neighborhood boys, who are all 2 to 3 years older than he is. They are Caleb’s age, and as far as they are concerned, Daniel is just Caleb’s little brother. Daniel has been persona non grata to them.

I told Caleb he was going to have to tell them we can’t play if they can’t include Daniel.

Yesterday I sent them out to play, and I asked Caleb later how it went.

“Oh, I told ’em, ‘If you guys can’t accept the little guy, I’m going to turn you into rotten flesh.”


“Ew, Caleb! What does that even mean???”

“It’s from Minecraft.”

“What did they say?”

Caleb made a face that looked sort of like this          8 /

Nothing more was said. So no one said anything unwelcoming to Daniel. Raising boys is apparently not for the easily offended or overly refined….


Spring Break Part II: Funny Stuff They Said with Daniel's Recipe Printable

The leprechaun came to John David’s class. I asked him who the leprechaun was. He said, “Jesus!” I couldn’t help it. I busted out laughing before I tried to explain Jesus isn’t the leprechaun.

It’s been a fun week so far. Lots of driveway basketball, Lego Star Wars video games, and popcorn eating has taken place.

Caleb’s genius plan for spring break was announced on Day 1:

“Let’s make a rest schedule for this week.”

I laughed, but he appears to be sticking to it.

Spring Break Part II: Funny Stuff They Said with Daniel's Recipe Printable

JD loves playing with the magnet letters he got from my friend Amy. Also, JD loves pajamas. He changes back into his pjs the moment he re-enters the house. Sometimes, when I’m going somewhere in the afternoon, I don’t even have time to change him for the 3rd time that day and he picks up his big bros in his pjs.

People probably think I never dress him. hehehe

Hope y’all had a great week too!


8 Things You Might Hear In a House of Boys….Obvious Ones Aside

Boys, boys, boys

1. “Boom! Knock!”  *giggling*  “Bang!”

“Joshua, what are you doing?”

I was fighting with the milk. It had boxing gloves, I tell you!” He shouted back.

“boom! Bam!” More giggling, yet there is only one boy in the kitchen causing all this ruckus!

When it comes to what you might hear in a house full of boys, there is no limit. If you can imagine it, it won’t happen. No, it will be weirder. Yet, no matter how weird it is, unless you write it down, you will probably never remember it.

I actually DO write a lot of it down, and I still only capture about 5% of the hilarity. No, it’s not all hilarity. Some of it is adorable. Sometimes they will even melt your heart, and other times they will terrify and shock you so much all you can say is:

2. “Oh, Sweetie, no, no, no. That is just not an appropriate thing to say at all. Please never say that in public.”

What do I mean exactly? Well, I really can’t tell you because if you already have boys, then you know, and if you don’t, then you will suddenly judge MY boys, and I’d rather you didn’t. 🙂

Today was one of those days when Daniel said something super, super sweet, which believe it or not, many little boys say quite frequently. It is wonderful. The hilarious thing was that he SHOUTED it across the baseball field to me.

That’s right. Dan plays tee-ball now. We’re all quite excited about it. We keep nerd-ing out by showing up as a whole family to cheer him on, AT PRACTICE. Most of the other parents aren’t even there. We are nuts. Anyway. It was the middle of practice. He grinned at me, and then he shouted to me, with the kind of innocence that only a pre-schooler can have,

Daniel, running the bases

3. “Hey, MOM!” as he waved his tiny baseball mitt at me and smiled, “Me love you, MOM! Me really love you, Mom! Me really, really love you, MOM!”

I about died laughing, but of course, I still shouted back, “I love you too, Dan!” each time. That’s what he needs from me right now. Do you know what else is cute? None of the other kids there even seemed to find it odd for him to do that. 🙂 I love this age group!

He’s the smallest little slugger on his team, which is such a new experience for us.

Dan is the little one, in the middle of the field, beside the girl, with the green shirt and the red hat.

4. “Mom! Caleb has a bloody nose!!  Mom, hurry! It’s REAL bad!”

Why do bloody noses have to happen so much? They just spontaneously burst it seems. I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent, pinching a little one’s nose with a tissue!

5. “Can I eat it now? Can I eat it now? Can I lick it? Can I lick it when we’re done?”

dying cookie dough–One child could not stop eating it.


Making cookies: fun for boys too

6. “Can we make the rainbow cookies, pleeeease.”

“What! I’m not touchin’ that! Will you do mine for me?”

“Oh! Me do it!”

We have every type of person here. One couldn’t stop eating it. One didn’t want to touch it. One just had a ball because cooking is his specialty. See, boys aren’t always so different from girls. I mean, who wouldn’t want to make rainbow cookies? You can bet the one-year-old would have wanted in too, but he was asleep. I am smart about a few things. 🙂

Take my picture with it!

They turned out well.

Meet Oh.

7. “I’m going to do my best to talk like Oh from now on.”

So on Monday night, I took the three oldest to see the movie Home. It’s a super cute movie about an alien and his alien race that move to Earth. The voice of Oh is done by Jim Parsons, also the actor that plays Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory.

DaddyO, wearing the Bazinga! shirt

Sheldon’s character in the movie, Oh, sounds like Sheldon….but with mixed up grammar. He says things like, “Why do you has this thing? You has me for companion on this ship.”

So….the alien in the movie also sort of talks like Daniel. hehe

Of course, Joshua has never seen The Big Bang Theory, but it still bothered me a little bit to hear my son talking like Sheldon all day today..

all day long

I have only myself to blame. I’m the one that loves to impersonate people. Remind me to show you sometime. I can do a few really good ones, mostly just people I know personally.

Do you know what else I, and many good homes in the world have had to deal with this week? Easter candy and Easter candy withdrawal. Tonight, Joshua was just sitting on the sofa in the dining room…..it’s an unusual floor plan…staring at the space in front of him, doing…..nothing….and for JOSHUA, that is WEIRD. He is ALWAYS busy doing something.

“Are you okay?” I asked him.

8. “Oh! I just want more Mini Eggs so bad!” he blurted out, sounding a little like Sheldon. 

Bless it. Now a well- meaning, healthy,GOOD mother would have been comforting and guided him through this withdrawal of sugar that he was clearly experiencing.

Not me. I viewed it as an opportunity. *insert evil laughter*

I said, “Well, I do know where another bag of them is. I will give you 10 Cadbury Mini Eggs, if you put away one load of laundry.”

“And read one chapter from the Bible!!!” Alan jumped in from nowhere, and chimed in.

“Really! YES!!” he shouted, in glee.

And so he did.

Guess what Bible chapter he picked? He flipped and flipped until he found “a short one.” Also, I guess he picked it because of the subtitle “Saul kills himself.” Nice.

“Wow, Mom! They hung his head in the Temple! Whoa-ho-ho! I’m glad I didn’t live back in those days,” Joshua said, with enthusiasm.

“Yeah, that still happens,” I muttered, thinking of ISIS and company. Ew. It bothered me to even type their evil name.

Okay, that’s all the somewhat humorous things I can think of tonight. Does anyone have a movie that Joshua will love that will get a new character’s speech patterns in his head??? I’m thinking something like this:

Thor. Now there’s a role model.

Thanks for clickin’! 🙂




Goals for my Future


Who knew I would ever be so excited about a label maker?   I have big plans for this thing.

Alan also got me this beautiful necklace.  Love it!

This past week I turned 33.    That makes me stop and ask, “Am I where I wanted to be at 33?”

Yes,  definitely,  plus some!  I never counted on having all these blessings,  and to top it all off,  I have way more direction and goals than I had 10 years ago.   Gosh,  ten years ago,  I was an unemployed,  graduate school drop out.   Wait,  no,  I was still in graduate school,  working towards a Masters in counseling.   It just didn’t feel right though. How could a 23 year old counsel other people?   I decided to keep searching.

By 24, I was a pregnant Mary Kay lady and bank employee,  happily planning my life as a stay at home mom.   I couldn’t wait!   What a privilege to get to stay home with my babies!

Gracious!   Who knew I would end up with so many babies?   Ha!   I haven’t really learned how to handle this many without sleep depriving myself.   I should really be sleeping right now,  but eh!   I just love blogging so much.   🙂   I’ve kept a journal,  much like this,  since I turned 8, so I have trouble going to sleep if I skip it for too many days.   It truly is a deeply ingrained habit!

I had a great birthday.   Alan had to work late,  but at least we have fun plans for this weekend.  You should have seen me at the bar of my favorite BBQ place tonight,  with all 4 boys,  waiting to pick up my take-out order.

By golly,  it was my birthday,  and I was determined to have pulled pork nachos!   Ha!  The boys loved the waiting.  *sarcasm*

I glanced over at Joshua and said,  “Joshua,  put that knife down!” Caleb replied,  in Joshua’s defense,  ” Well, he’s just protecting us against strangers! ”  I secured the knife,  and Daniel said,  “I gotta go woo woo. ”

Right.   This is why I don’t leave the house.

The best part of my birthday was just doing my job,  hanging out with my littles all day.



We made crafts and baked cookies.   These two are a lot of fun.   Now I know I’ve been known to proclaim that I hate crafts.   I really just hate complicated crafts.   I love easy crafts for kids.   You will still never catch me with a sewing machine,  an exacto knife,  or power tools,  though.

I think crafts are important for small children.   Daniel learned a lot about gluing and planning a project by making this little foam monster,  and it gave him that sense of pride you get from a job well done.   After the monster craft,  I set him up at the table with scissors,  paper,  airplane pictures,  and a glue stick.  He was SO happy.  He kept bringing me paper that he had cut,  with a giant,  proud smile on his face.


So this got me thinking.   Where do I want to go from here?   What are my next big goals?

Glad you asked!  ; )

1.  Write at least 1 children’s book.

2.  Write at least one grown up book.

3.  Try not to get pregnant.

4.  Remember to enjoy my children while they are young.

5.  Keep reading my Bible.

6. Pray way way more.

7.  Be a better wife.

There.  I think 7 broad goals is a good place to start.   Gotta keep the main thing the main thing!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes.   It was great,  and now I’m going to work on today’s big goal:  get more sleep.   I think It will solve many of my so called problems.

See to it you complete the work you have in the Lord.         Colossians 4:17