Real Army Wives: Time to Build a Support Network

The Real Army Wives Series: Time to Build a Support Network


******This is the 12th chapter in the series The Real Army Wives, stories from a young military bride at the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2003.******

Previous chapter: When Alan First Deployed: My New Friends at 9-1-1.

Getting Help

I followed through with my vow from the previous night to hop off this crazy train and get myself some help. What kind of help, I had no idea, but I figured I’d try the doctor’s office first.

Military clinics are a unique entity. The appointment line system in and of itself is enough to make a person go absolutely mad, but somehow I managed to secure myself a same day appointment. I must have called at 7:59 am, and God was just smiling down on me that day because it’s normally about impossible to get an appointment. » Read more

Beginning to Meet the Real Army Wives of 2003

***This post is a chapter in the series The Real Army Wives of 2003, appearing each Monday morning on***
Beginning to Meet the Real Army Wives of 2003

Back then I loved unpacking all the boxes.

Moving into a new house always makes me euphorically happy.
What could thrill a feminine soul more than a fresh new house full of possibilities?

I vividly remember each “not it” home we looked at when we arrived in Texas in January, 2003. But then we found “it.” We found THE ONE.

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Real Army Wives: When it’s Time to Move On

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People say that the Lord isn’t worried about the small details of our lives. I could never believe that. Maybe he’s only involved in the small details if you ask him to be; although, sometimes He seems to show up even when you don’t ask. They call it Karma these days, but I don’t see it that way. I just call it walking with the Lord.

An Israeli man I once met in an elevator reminded Alan and me, 'It's not a small world. It's a big world, with a great CEO.'Click To Tweet

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