Spring Break Part II: Funny Stuff They Said with Daniel’s Recipe Printable

Spring Break Part II: Funny Stuff They Said with Daniel's Recipe Printable

I love watching my boys play ball.

Having my kids home all day cracks me up. I mean literally, by 5:30, when my husband gets home, I’m a little cracked in the head.

But I love it. I do.

What do you do on the lazy days of Spring break? Well, for any parent who decides to stay home with the kiddos during their week off of school, these are definitely not lazy days. Duh, right?

But it’s still fun. I cooked 3 meals yesterday. Do you think anyone will notice if I only “cook” 2 today?

Daniel helped me make last night’s dinner. He even helped come up with a recipe.

“Mom, can we have a bowl of carrots for dinner?”

“Um, well…”

“And bwocowi! Bwocowi and carwats for supper. Nothing else.”

“Um, well…we do need to have some kind of meat. Chicken, maybe?”

“No. How about if you put the meat in with the bwocowi and the carwots, all in 1 big bowl?”

“Hmmm. Yes, that sounds good. How about this sausage?”

“Yes! Yes.”

Spring Break Part II: Funny Stuff They Said with Daniel’s Recipe Printable

helpling me bake his cake….Actually, at this point he was lickin’ the bowl.

So Daniel and I made a delicious dinner that, believe it or not, was heartily consumed by all SIX residents of the House of Tiny Men.  Here’s the recipe. Alan made me write it down.

So I typed it out for you to print for yourself.

Just click on the link below to download and print the recipe.

Spring Break Part II: Funny Stuff They Said with Daniel’s Recipe Printable

Daniel’s Sort of Gazpacho

Okay, it may not be that pretty, but I promise it was yummy. Even my picky eaters did eat it, believe it or not.



Daniel tries to hang out with the neighborhood boys, who are all 2 to 3 years older than he is. They are Caleb’s age, and as far as they are concerned, Daniel is just Caleb’s little brother. Daniel has been persona non grata to them.

I told Caleb he was going to have to tell them we can’t play if they can’t include Daniel.

Yesterday I sent them out to play, and I asked Caleb later how it went.

“Oh, I told ’em, ‘If you guys can’t accept the little guy, I’m going to turn you into rotten flesh.”


“Ew, Caleb! What does that even mean???”

“It’s from Minecraft.”

“What did they say?”

Caleb made a face that looked sort of like this          8 /

Nothing more was said. So no one said anything unwelcoming to Daniel. Raising boys is apparently not for the easily offended or overly refined….


Spring Break Part II: Funny Stuff They Said with Daniel's Recipe Printable

The leprechaun came to John David’s class. I asked him who the leprechaun was. He said, “Jesus!” I couldn’t help it. I busted out laughing before I tried to explain Jesus isn’t the leprechaun.

It’s been a fun week so far. Lots of driveway basketball, Lego Star Wars video games, and popcorn eating has taken place.

Caleb’s genius plan for spring break was announced on Day 1:

“Let’s make a rest schedule for this week.”

I laughed, but he appears to be sticking to it.

Spring Break Part II: Funny Stuff They Said with Daniel's Recipe Printable

JD loves playing with the magnet letters he got from my friend Amy. Also, JD loves pajamas. He changes back into his pjs the moment he re-enters the house. Sometimes, when I’m going somewhere in the afternoon, I don’t even have time to change him for the 3rd time that day and he picks up his big bros in his pjs.

People probably think I never dress him. hehehe

Hope y’all had a great week too!

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Spring Break Day 1: The Shirt War, Full House, Jesus, and The Vote


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As we speak, Joshua and Caleb are playing basketball in the driveway while John David and Daniel are rolling around on the trampoline together. Alan is eating supper, and I am updating my blog for the first time in a week. Slacker.

I’ve been working on photo albums through Snapfish lately. Y’all, photo books are 70% off this month (March), so I am making as many photo books as I possibly can. I have about a hundred I could make since the last time I was caught up on photo printing was 2013…

One of my newly created albums came in the mail today, of photos from 2 years ago. One of the boys was a little embarrassed to realize that in this album was an adorable photo of the 4 boys reading together in a chair, and he was in his underwear. Just his underwear. I might have jokingly threatened to share said photo album with future dates. He might have retorted back that the page will definitely be torn out long before that. Sigh. Oh well.

The photo is safe for now, and the picture is so cute. I’d show you, but well, I am at least nicer than that.

I’m trying to hold the boys to just family parties this year. Well, family parties + just 1 or 2 friends.

I took a vote this morning, asking everyone here if they’d rather go hiking today or stay home. Everyone but Daniel voted to stay home, so here we are.

I tried to go walking, but it started raining on me so I cut that short. I passed Joshua on my way inside. Apparently, rain drops don’t phase him. He came in with soaking wet hair.

Y’all don’t want to know how many squabbles I have refereed today. Ugh. This should definitely count as a special skill on my resume. I am extremely experienced at sending everyone to different rooms.

We did have an epic game of driveway birdie tonight, though…wait. No, that’s not what they called it…badminton! I had to ask them what the game was called. Ha! But it was super fun!

Remember that Mother’s Day that they bought me a Badminton set, and so we played that for Mother’s Day? Only now, the boys are actually way better at it than I am!

How seriously cute are JD and his buddy? And yes, JD is OBSESSED with Batman.

Joshua, Alan, and I were sitting in the living room today getting quite a show from a new sport taking place on our trampoline. Daniel and John David were out there together, and we watched them take their shirts off and have a shirt war.

Joshua observed, “John David sure is good at whipping Daniel with his shirt!” They had a better view than I did, and they kept saying, “Ohhhh Owww  Whoa! Ho! hahahaha! Is he okay…..yeah.”

For some reason this game made Daniel and JD quite happy, so we didn’t intervene. Perhaps we should all try it…. ha!


I came home a couple of weeks ago with the complete DVD set of the original Full House. Why? Because I’m the world’s worst person at sticking to any sort of budget…..also because we have already watched Fuller House, so I felt like the boys had to see the first series to understand it better.

Alan took so long at Walmart this afternoon, on a trip to buy Daniel’s birthday present and Tostitos, that we watched 4 episodes of Full House while he was gone. Our family is all about it right now, so don’t be surprised if you hear the boys say “How rude!” or “Have mercy!”


I heard 2 funny quotes this week that I wanted to share.

1.”Who is I love Lucy? Were they zombies?”

2. A leprechaun visited John David’s school. He left them Skittles and a messy classroom of confetti and such. I asked J.D. who the leprechaun was. He didn’t miss a beat, “Jesus.”


I came across some encouraging Bible verses in my reading today:

“Perceiving then that they were about to come and take him by force to make him king, Jesus withdrew again to the mountain by himself.”   John 6: 15

I’ve been thinking lately about how apolitical Jesus was. He was never interested in power or rule or talking politics. He wanted to teach about God, love, and healing people. I feel like as Christians we need to persist in getting our message of love out to the world. Things of this world are temporary, but our souls are eternal. Love is eternal.

“Do not work for the food that perishes, but for the food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give to you. For on him God the Father has set his seal.” Then they said to him, “What must we do, to be doing the works of God?” Jesus answered them, “This is the work of God, that you believe in him whom he has sent.”    John 6: 27-29


Believe. Faith. Hope. Love. Against such things there is no law.

And now on to the rest of Spring Break. 1 day down, 8 days to go. I’m excited. I still have a  great deal of refereeing ahead of me, but it’s worth it because I also have days of Badminton and shirt-whipping.

opening presents

I’d upload photos for you to have a peek into our adventures, but my computer is so full it won’t let me upload anything new. Issues. I can only give you pictures that I can steal from Facebook. Triple sigh. You know that’s driving me crazy. But don’t worry. I will not rest until I fix this problem!

Okay, one more hilarious quote from tonight:

“Hey, Mom, I am five, and you are thirteen. No! 14. You are 14.”

hehehe Nope. I didn’t correct him. Is that wrong? I say no.

Have a great Spring Break, y’all!





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Spring Break and Easter: Family O’ Boys Style

monsters and Easter, now there's a match...

Spring Break is sort of over now. I say sort of because my oldest two spent last night camping in a treehouse and today hiking at the Pinnacles, so they aren’t exactly back in the books yet.

We decided not to go on vacation this year. Alan had to work on his thesis. I thought I was going to accomplish great things in preparation for the move. I actually spent most of it going to doctor appointments (insert eye roll) and handling Easter and birthdays.

But I can’t complain:

  1. My aches and pains are over. I’m down to nothing but plantar fasciitis in the mornings and a heart problem that’s mostly controlled by meds now. I have much to be thankful for.
  2. The move is ever-so-gradually coming together.
  3. I re-organized our entire storage unit in the school area today. Is there anything more gratifying than taking a space that has gotten over-cluttered and ORGANIZING IT?? I think not. I feel so happy. Giddy, really!
  4. The boys’ school registration for next school year is in the mail. Step one, done!

I feel good.

One failure: I took not one single solitary photograph of anything on Easter.

What was wrong with me? I was so concerned with getting to church on time–ahem–because they were serving breakfast– that I totally forgot to annoy people with my camera!!!

But don’t worry. I did take a few shots this week:



Someone had a birthday. Happiest person in the world.


This has already been built and broken and built and broken.


There were some territorial disputes over a few of the gifts. JD promptly bathed with these toys, so I’m sure he feels they are his own, but don’t worry. Daniel can hold his own.


truly getting into the world of pretend




Joshua saved this Lego set in the box all the way from Christmas until now to give Daniel on his birthday, and Dan was THRILLED.


I made his cake, as usual. There was a runny-icing issue with “Happy”, so I had to go back over it. Oh well, Dan didn’t complain.


best friends


We did take one afternoon to visit our favorite place in California: Point Lobos. We took a picnic dinner and everything. We’ve turned a corner. Before, JD was always this exhausting baby that couldn’t climb anything and didn’t want to hold your hand. This time he was a completely different little person.

JD took my hand almost the entire time. His climbing skills were impressive. He had just napped, and he was a true joy to have along. I can’t tell you how exciting this is.


the expert hiker


Such a beautiful photo of these two!


always making it fun


There is nothing so satisfying to a little boy as throwing rocks in a puddle.


When they were younger, they could not keep up with us. These days we can’t keep up with them.


What’s not to love about Point Lobos? I will genuinely miss visiting these trails by the ocean.

IMG_1947 IMG_1949 IMG_1964 IMG_1976 IMG_1978 IMG_1984 IMG_1995 IMG_1998 IMG_2002 IMG_2014 IMG_2020




The weekend was so exhausting Daniel passed out on the couch.


I promise we did participate in Easter festivities. Here they are painting eggs.


Beautiful sidewalk art was created. (JD is obsessed with reciting his shapes. No, seriously. It’s adorable, and he totally gets the difference between an oval and a circle. He also calls stars “starfish”, which is the cutest thing ever.)



Funny Quote of the Day:

We filled out Dan’s “About Me” poster for preschool. I love his answers. They were all him. I just helped him with the writing.

What do you want to be when you grow up?  An ice cream man

Three things about yourself: 1. I like to talk. 2. I’m good at riding my bike. 3. I like video games.

I am a star because: I talk to people nicely.

I show others I care by: show God and being a friend. I like to talk to people.

****I could just eat him up with all his talkin’ to people.****

Don’t forget to enter the VeggieTales Puppies and Guppies DVD Giveaway!!

VeggieTales Puppies and Guppies DVDa Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Easter! Happy Spring!

Acts 2:24
But God raised him from the dead, freeing him from the agony of death, because it was impossible for death to keep its hold on him.



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Fun Times Photoblog


This week is our Spring Break. Wahoo! That’s something to celebrate! I have about 5 billion goals to accomplish and all of 5 days to do it in. Mostly, we are prepping for the big move. It’s three months out, but hey, that’s like three weeks in Mom years.

I could tell you what’s been going on around here, but I thought it’d be more fun to show you, so today’s blog is a photoblog:


Raynaud's syndrome

My Raynaud’s syndrome has been acting up lately. 

 What happens is that the blood vessels constrict when you’re cold, cutting off blood supply to the extremities. First, the finger tips go purple and then they go white and extremely numb. I suppose I should start wearing gloves. This would happen to you too if you were freezing in Alaska or something, but this happens to me if I’m even in a building with too much air-conditioning. My cold threshold is crazy low. No worries. We’re moving back to the land of sweat and mosquitoes. 


The other day I put Daniel down for a nap. He’s five now, and he rarely ever naps, but sometimes he gets so sleepy and grumpy that I deem it a must. This was a must-nap day. However, once he was upstairs all quiet and alone, he got down and had a BALL playing in the hallway with cars and who knows what else.

As I came up the stairs, I heard that classic boy-running-to-bed to pretend to be asleep sound. Because apparently he thinks I’m deaf.



Now that Caleb and Joshua are too tall to fit into any of their costumes, they have taken to putting these size 8 superhero costumes on JD and Daniel. Who needs pets when you have little brothers?


This is a Velociraptor.


Woody and Buzz.



Because finding gluten-free pizza was one of the happiest things that happened this week. It is a big deal.


Don’t tell Daniel these are weeds. I think he is the sweetest thing in the world, always bringing his momma flowers.


One of my neighbors gave the boys a bag full of snacks, from the “Easter Bunny.”


Dan painted this at Cubbies this week. He even said, “I put blue on this side, and red on this side, and put it together to make purple in the middle!”


Daniel made this “shapes” bird-house at home-school this week. We do preschool at home two days and regular preschool three days.


Dan took his new Star Wars ships everywhere the last couple of days.

Actually, he’s already broken one ship. He explained, “Mom, that’s because he was shot in battle. Mom, that’s why he’s broken. He’s supposed to be.”


People are always giving us stuff! Our homeschool umbrella school director gave this set to Daniel, and he LOVES it.


But someone really should follow Dan around all day with a vacuum cleaner.

Guess what I did yesterday…..


Oh, yeah, I took my birthday money shopping. It was GRAND. (No, I did not buy a cooler. I keep that in there to hide the large amounts of Easter chocolate that I’m saving for some special people.


And guess what I found near the stores??? SONIC!!! I didn’t know these existed in California.

That afternoon I also took Caleb to a Star Wars-themed birthday party. She themed it out so well, y’all. They got to fight Darth Vader, hop on a tree-stump obstacle course, shoot a Star Wars ship with Nerf guns, and last but not least, they threw pine-cones at these clone troopers:


I totally wanted to play this party game. The kids were not able to pop them all, so the adults DID get a shot at it. It was fun!





I hope you all had a fabulous weekend as well. We have basically zero plans for Spring Break, other than to catch up on all the work we have to do, but that’s okay. Even work can be fun when you tackle it with the right attitude, with a little happy music playing, of course.

(Enchanted move clean-up scene: You gotta watch it.)




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San Diego Day 2: LEGOLAND!!! Whooyeah!!!

Several of these Lego men welcome you into the LegoLand theme park.

Several of these Lego men welcome you into the Legoland theme park.

On day 2, Alan woke me up at 6am to tell me he was going to eat at the hotel and then head to the grocery store to buy breakfast. Did the hotel have free breakfast? Why yes, it did. Is there any way that our whole family of 6 will be dressed and ready before the thing closes at 9am?

No, not really.

Getting myself and the children ready for a day of major fun and adventure takes me a couple of hours, especially since I was determined to shower, look decent, wear make-up, and fix my hair every day.  I never once made it to that breakfast room. Don’t worry,though. Alan raided it for free milks, bowls, and cereals every morning.

And coffee. April runs on coffee.

By the time we got to Lego Land on Day One it was 10:45ish. The theme park was 40 minutes from our hotel, but our boys were on nine clouds of joy and excitement, so no one complained a bit.

Also, we have DVDs in our minivan. This is a very important part of our road trip success. For this trip, they watched Penguins of Madagascar, Monsters University, Elf, and hours upon hours of Paw Patrol. The big boys complained about the Paw Patrol, but if you could hear sweet little JD say, “Ruff Ruff!  Go! Go!” well, it’s awfully hard to say no for too long.

I wore my glasses for most of this trip because I am very allergic to hotel rooms. Does anyone else have this problem??? When I say allergic, I mean that my eyes itch uncontrollably, and my nose burns.  Benadryl and zyrtec fix this, but they also sort of take away my personality. Ha! April tranquilizers.

Our Legoland day was very successful. We were all excited to see these Lego men as we drove through the gates:

Lego hiker

Lego hiker

This was all like a little taste of Heaven for Daniel.

This was all like a little taste of Heaven for Daniel.

Lego Dad photographing his Lego family. :)

Lego Dad photographing his Lego family. 🙂

We didn't stay at the Lego Land hotel. However, we did eat there. They have a pretty decent buffet.

We didn’t stay at the Lego Land hotel. However, we did eat there one night. They have a pretty decent buffet.

Lego land

Yep, it's made out of Legos.

Yep, it’s made of Legos.

The boys are looking over the Lego version of the city that we miss.

The boys are looking over the Lego version of the city that we miss.

We started out Day One in “Mini Land.” That’s the part of Lego Land that has all of these incredible Lego versions of cities, Star Wars, and even a Lego Walk of Fame. While that’s all extremely impressive, this is NOT where you want to START your Lego Land experience, especially if you are traveling with a nine-year-old.

Lego Land caters to a very specific audience. This theme park appeals most to kids that are at least 34 inches tall (so that they can ride most rides) and are not at all entering the puberty-attitude phase of life.

One of our children spent his entire time in Mini Land saying, “Where are the rides? Why aren’t there any rides here? Can we go now? Can we go to another part now please? I just want to get out of this section. Can we hurry up?”

So lesson 1: Don’t START in Mini Land. Save that for after they have a few rides under their belts.

Meanwhile, the rest of us found Mini Land very impressive. JD even loved it. Here are my favorite photos from Day One. Alan took a ton too. I may share those on a future post.

Lego Lincoln Memorial

Lego Lincoln Memorial

Lego White House

Lego White House

Lego Capitol

Lego Capitol

Lego Smithsonian Castle

Lego Smithsonian Castle

Caleb LOVES Lincoln.

Caleb LOVES Lincoln.

When I say that Caleb loves Lincoln, I mean that Caleb LOVES Lincoln. He is his favorite president. He has given me many reasons for this:

1. He wore a cool hat.

2. He had a beard.

3. He freed the slaves.

4. He lived in a log cabin in Springfield, Illinois. If we ever manage to take Caleb to Springfield, Illinois, he will be SO EXCITED.

Lego Queen Elizabeth II

Lego Queen Elizabeth II

going into the map

going into the map

Lego C3-PO  or is he R2 D2? I'm sorry. I only saw the movie once.

Lego C3-PO or is he R2 D2? I’m sorry. I only saw the movie once.

Daniel really studied this Lego Star Wars character hard.

Daniel really studied this Lego Star Wars character hard.

You could play Legos all day at Lego Land, if that's what you are looking for.

You could play Legos all day at Lego Land, if that’s what you are looking for.

We joke that Daniel talks like Yoda, so we couldn't pass up this photo op.

We joke that Daniel talks like Yoda, so we couldn’t pass up this photo op.

I don't even know. I should really go watch Star Wars again.

I don’t even know. I should really go watch Star Wars again.



Fair games! Alan and the boys spent $10 trying win "Kevin" the Minion. Alas, it was not to be.

Fair games! Alan and the boys spent $10 trying to win Kevin the Minion. Alas, it was not to be.



the day the toddler figures out how to do stroller peek-a-boo, all by himself

the day the toddler figures out how to do stroller peek-a-boo, all by himself

We spent the week stuffing ourselves with bad food.

We spent the week stuffing ourselves with bad food.

Fascinating Lego Italian man

Fascinating Lego Italian man

We had lunch at a pizza place, and this Lego man often spoke up, inviting passer-by to come eat his Italian food. Boys kept crowding around him, trying to figure out how he talked.

Duplo Center!!!  A big hit with the under 4 crowd.

Duplo Center!!! A big hit with the under 4 crowd.

JD, mixing it up.

JD, mixing it up.

IMG_5222 IMG_5224

They were a little lost without their big brothers, and Daniel was so tired he just kept laying down on everything.

They were a little lost without their big brothers, and Daniel was so tired he just kept laying down on everything.

For 20 minutes or so, we split big boys and little boys up into two groups so that they could do age appropriate activities. JD LOVED the Duplo play area. Daniel, on the other hand, missed his brothers and kept laying down. I think he really needed a nap.

JD was hilarious, and JD is truly a toddler than I am proud to take out in public. (I’m proud of all the boys, but for a toddler, I just think JD is really great. I’m his mother, after all.) He is so friendly. He kept checking out creations that bigger kids had made, taking people blocks, putting together a few blocks himself, and just having fun.

creating together

creating together

Just hanging on to the rails was even fun.

Just hanging on to the rails was even fun.

I love rides that the whole family can do.

I love rides that the whole family can do.



There were very few rides that JD was allowed to ride. Not being 34 inches tall really held him back.

Look! Look!

Look! Look!

Don't fall!

Don’t fall!

Lego Mount Rushmore

Lego Mount Rushmore

movie set

movie set

We were all impressed to get to go in and see the ACTUAL Lego Movie set! This is the only place that you can see it.

actual movie set

actual movie set





There were a few terrible moments when we lost Caleb in the crowds. We all agreed to head towards the boat ride, but the rest of us got distracted by the Splash Park. Caleb zoned in on heading to the boats and didn’t notice our sudden detour.

Nothing like a little emotional scarring on vacation. Poor Caleb was shaken up for sure, but we did find him  fairly quickly, and then he did get to do the boat ride.

Daniel took me by surprise on that boat ride. JD was napping in his stroller, and I was taking it easy on a bench. Suddenly, my phone rang. It was Alan. “April, can you come get Daniel? We’re still in line, but he has to go to the bathroom right away.”  This was a forever long line. Groan. Poor Daniel. I took him to the bathroom, and he arrived back to the line just as Alan, Joshua, and Caleb were climbing into boats. Daniel melted down. He so badly wanted to ride those boats! It was called “Skipper school.”

So I waited for them to finish the ride. Then Daniel and I waited in the slow, long line, again, and whoa! That boy can DRIVE! He passed not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR other drivers! I was in the boat with him, but he insisted on doing the driving.  Three of the other drivers were adults! One said, as we sailed past them, “This is nothing like driving a car.”

I laughed. Who knew? Go, Daniel!

Meanwhile, Alan and the boys were shopping at the “Big Store”. We were happy to join them. Shopping in the Lego Store was exciting the FIRST day, not so much the second day. I’ll tell ya more about that tomorrow. Let’s just say that I now know what men in shopping malls must feel like.

our loot, and my purse, which is so dirty after this trip that I need a new one.

Here’s our loot, and my purse, which is so dirty after this trip that I need a new one.

Exhausted but happy children


our whole family, with Emmett.

our whole family, with Emmett.

Come back tomorrow, and I’ll tell you about Day 3: Lego Land Water Park! No one complained on Day 3. The water park was a huge hit, and John David didn’t even get wet. Ha! He is one funny little man. He was most excited about the just-his-size lawn chairs! 🙂

“Everything is cool when you’re part of a team. Everything is awesome!!!”


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