Confessions of a PTA Slacker

So this week has been a milestone in my life.  My friend, Margret, is in charge of “Staff Appreciation Week” at our kids’ school.  A few months ago Margret told me a little about this PTA sponsored project and said that she didn’t really have a committee of people to help her.  I thought I’d try to be a good friend and offer my assistance, and that is how I got introduced to the world of PTA.
You know what?  It hasn’t been bad.  Margret really does most of the work.  I’ve just made a few banners, attended a couple meetings, and worked a couple of banner workshops.
So here’s a little summary of what I’ve learned:

1.  My belly is huge…  Have we heard this enough yet?  A mom I met tonight asked me three times if I was absolutely sure there’s only one baby in there.  In the interest of “putting on my big girl panties and dealing with it,” I simply smiled, assured her there is only one baby, and went on about my work.

2.  How to work a “Cricut” machine.  It’s this printer thing that makes letters.  New skill to add to my resume I guess.  That will come in handy if I ever apply for a job as a….a….okay, well it was something new I learned.  Ha!

3.  PTA isn’t as scary as I thought.  It’s fun to participate.

4.  I will never, ever sign up to be “in charge” of anything though.  Margret has been working like a slave on this.

5.  Our school employs a psychologist.  I didn’t know that.

6.  I don’t actually hate crafts.  I’m often too lazy to DO crafts, but crafts are actually pretty fun.  I’d forgotten.

7. I’ve also become a little more familiar with some of the school staff, and they’re all really nice and intelligent people.  This makes me feel even more secure about where I’m sending my kids to school.




  • Anonymous

    The video worked just fine this time. Joshua looked like he was performing in the living room in front of family, unfazed a hundred or more parents were watching. ~Daddy-O

  • This week went well. I am currently house sitting for my aunt and uncle while they take their kids down to Disney World. I'm so jealous. I probably won't get any souvenirs. I never do. I may see if they can get me some butterbeer from Harry Potter World. Ughhhhh I wish I could have gone with them.

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