National Donut Day

   Did you know that TODAY is National Donut Day???  I never even knew there was such a thing, but I decided this was definitely a holiday worthy of recognition by our little clan here.  Alan must have thought so too, but don’t worry, boys, I’m going to replace those stale grocery store glazed ones Daddy bought with Krispy Kreme, chocolate covered…just as soon as school gets out!  ; )  (Everybody loves the pregnant version of April.  Alan will be happy too.  He did the best he could do, considering the fact that good donuts require having the time to drive to them!)

  I had BIG goals and exciting plans for today:
1.  Wash 2 loads of clothes.
2.  Put away 2 loads of clothes.
3.  Scrub out carpet stains.
4.  Scrub out marker stains (by Daniel, our newest marker menace) on the dining room chairs.
5.  Buy a few grocery items.
6.  Return library books and get new ones.
7.  Balance checkbook.
8.  Finish thank you notes.
9.  Find the thank you notes Caleb and I did for his birthday presents…

My biggest part of free time for the day is long over.  Blame it a little bit on the rain, but here’s what I have ACTUALLY accomplished:

1.  Return library books and get new ones.
2.  Shower.
3.  Cave to my Chinese craving and pick up Chinese take-out.

oh!  and 4.  Blog about how little I have accomplished.

I need a re-do.

  In other news, did I ever tell ya’ll that my great-granny is turning 100 next month!?  100 YEARS OLD.  She has lived to see her great-great-grandchildren.  Amazing.
   Well, she’s only one month away from that goal, when of course, something happened.  
   Last week she fell for the second time and ended up at the hospital with a broken arm.  
   She gets more confused when stuff like this happens.  Dad said she thought he was her doctor, and she told him that she used to go to school with Lisa.  (my mom, who is a great, great deal younger than granny)  
    Granny is really great.  How many other people can say they lived to 100 and kept their mind in tact until it started to slip away at 95?  That’s not disease.   That’s just old age.  
    The only really sad part to me, from all this, is that Granny is not expected to recover well enough to return to her very nice assisted living home.
    That place was so good for her socially and spiritually.  She was going to all these Bible studies and learning and growing so much, and now she’ll be in more of a rehab/nursing home situation.  Mom says it’s owned by the same people though, so hopefully it’ll still be good.
   It seems like so many things have gone wrong with so many of our family members this year.  I want you all to know we are praying for all of you.
   Sometimes life is just HARD.  Stinkin’ stinkin’ hard.  Depressing even.  I hate it when Christian speakers try to make it sound like it’s a sin to be down in the dumps.  There are some life situations that are nothing but depressing, and there is no silver lining.  You just gotta live on your knees and hope they pass quickly, and eventually either the hard times go away or you adjust and change to adapt.  Either way, it isn’t any fun at all. 
   One thing I think is important to pray for those in hardship is just for happiness and comfort.  I am praying for happiness, healing, and comfort for all of our extended family members today.
And here’s a mischievous little  quarterback to brighten your day:
Do you see those socks in the floor?  And the maid just came yesterday.  *tisk tisk* Daddy!  They are either clean enough for your drawer or dirty enough for the hamper.  There is no in between…
(Now if you know Alan, you know he’s mostly very very tidy, and that’s why I can publicly humiliate him in such a fashion….He has this weird rule about clothes that he thinks are in between.)
  I have a plan for a pick-me-up for my little boys today.  (It’s one of those miserably rainy days where even the kids feel down).  When I pick them up from school, we are all going to the Krispy Kreme drive through!  Even Joshua will eat a KK donut with chocolate icing and sprinkles.  : )
  Now… work on those stains, do laundry, or nap……decisions, decisions, decisions…..


  • Anonymous

    I so hate to hear that about Granny! Mama has been telling about it. Your right, not many people can say they knew their great-great grandmother!

  • Anonymous

    You don't have any in-between clothes??!?! I thought everyone did that…what do you do with the jeans you've only worn once? Just to be clear, though, I am not making excuses for Alan's “holding area.” Amy

  • I put my in-between clothes back in my drawer. If I thought they were dirty, I would put them in my hamper. Alan's in-between clothing pile once cost us $350, b/c it covered up our only van key, and we had to completely re-key the van.

  • Anonymous

    OH NO…

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