Our Brand New Boy!

Presenting John David!  This was our smallest newborn yet, weighing in at 8 lb, 1oz.  He is 21 inches of pure love.  We are enjoying him so much. 
  This was a c section, so we are still in the hospital.  Pain levels are manageable but still a bit high for putting together much of a blog. ; )
    Did you know that when you have a serious feeder of a baby like this one, milk can come in as early as day2!?  I have never.  Wow, can this boy nurse!
Here are a few photos from the hospital…once I get home to my MacBook I can add many many more. : )

Final preggo shot.  Hallelujah!


  • Anonymous

    Great, awesome, super, excellent, outstanding photos! Every one tells a little different part of a very happy day. May God bless you. ~Daddy-O

  • Anonymous

    Thx for posting some pictures! Looks like he has 3 excited big brothers! He's so precious! And apparently hungry…ha! He's trying to catch up with his brothers quickly! Can you tell I'm excited ending everything with an exclamation point!?! Amy

  • Anonymous

    awww, look at the proud big brothers! Amber

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