Pictures from my NEW camera

This is John David, officially 2 weeks old!!  
  These days when I talk to people they ask me two very valid questions:
1.  How are you?  2.  How is J.D.?
  So let me answer those 2 questions honestly:
1.  I attempt sleep 12 hours/night, but when you add up all the hours I spend during those 12 hours feeding and changing the baby, I sleep 7 hours/night.  Seriously.  I did the math.  My gut is bloated and achy.  I usually don’t get to eat breakfast until 12 or 1pm.  I ache.
   I keep googling c-section recovery, and everything keeps saying that it really does take 6 weeks to feel better.  Well, boo fun.  I really thought last time I felt better more quickly than this, but I suppose I must have patience.  Who ever wants to have patience?
   So really, I’m good.  Everything I am griping about is normal, and I will live.
   Thankfully, my mom returns tonight to help me.
2.  The baby is literally doing great.  He finally dropped his cord this morning.  He has a few awake periods during the day now, and so far we haven’t had any crying fits to deal with.  (Thank you, Lord, thank you, Lord, thank you, Lord).
   We still fall asleep every time I feed him.  I have to work really hard to keep him awake long enough for a full feeding.  Did you know that technically 5 minutes counts as a full feeding?  This baby usually feeds around 15 minutes on one side and 5-10 on the other.
DaddyO and Nonna sent us a few pictures of the boys, having a good time, in Alabama.
 Man, I miss them!
 Check it out.  Glamour Magazine says red hair is in.  Was it ever out?
 serious business

 So many different caption possibilities here….
 from my front yard  : )

 the postpartum face:  bags both under and over the eyes….
 He actually sleeps all day, so no bags here…

Alan bought me these to brighten my days.

 When Margret gave me these newborn clothes, I doubted that I’d ever get to use them, but this little fella’ has been able to wear all the clothes everyone has given him, even the newborns.

 A few days ago, still not digging tummy time, but he has improved.
These last 2 were taken with my old camera, and even with these I can see a difference.

This is the camera we got.  This is a VAST improvement over the ~$120 Nikon Coolpix from 2009 that we were using before!  The zoom lens on it is amazing, and my favorite thing is that when you mash the button to take a picture….it actually takes the picture right away.  Plus, the photos aren’t all yellow.  Hallelujah!  

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  • Anonymous

    The new camera is great. April, we have really enjoyed having the boys. I just wish I had felt better but David has been a big help! Hopefully next summer we will be able to do some more special things with them. We miss you too. We haven't seen you since Christmas! Hope we never have to go this long between visits again. Alan has helped with several things around here today which we really appreciate. Looking forward to seeing you and John David before too long. We are so blessed to have a daughter-in- law who is so good with blogs to help us feel more connected. Love, Donna and David

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