Feeding the Littlest Brother

  I am officially tired of resting.  Unfortunately, after a couple hours on my feet, my body is not so tired of resting.  I guess that’s the thing about nursing a baby.  It does make you rest.
  I’m definitely no longer an invalid.  I’m ready to get on with life now.

  One of the oddest things about having a baby with three other children is trying to breastfeed the baby, with three little boys buzzing around.  I try to sneak upstairs and feed JD in his rocking chair in his room, but Joshua and Daniel often find me.  At first they were all so excited about JD they kept lifting up my blanket….which I found highly annoying.  Joshua is seven years old now, so I feel I should at least make an attempt to cover up.  Thankfully, their interest in this task does seem to be subsiding.

   I have some magazine subscriptions I would like to give away.  Alan, if you would like any of these, I can order them for you too.  They are free.
  Everyone else:  Let me know if you are interested in any free one year subscriptions to any of these magazines:
  Time, People, Glamour, Entertainment Weekly, Sports Illustrated, ESPN Magazine, InStyle, Barron’s

  Alan and I do not have any spare minutes to read magazines.  I actually take every magazine that comes in the mail for me straight from the mail stack to the Goodwill donation bag.
   I can give away about 14 magazine subscriptions, so please let me know if you are interested.

   Great news:  It was discouraging having to feed JD every 1.5-2 hours yesterday, but it paid off in night time sleeping hours.  He FINALLY gave me TWO consecutive 4 hour stretches between feedings…..Of course, I was only asleep for one of them b/c I stayed up until 12, but it was still a vast improvement over his usual 3 hour night feedings.

  Prayer Request:
   Granny is not happy about her new home at Extended Care.  She wants to know when she is going home, and occasionally they have to call my parents down there to calm her down.  She’s a “fall risk”, so they won’t let her get out of bed, or up from her chair, without assistance, and that (understandably) drives her crazy.
   Mom hasn’t been able to spend as much time with Granny since she’s been up here with me so much.

Amusing:  The boys packed their own suitcases yesterday.  They will be away two nights.   Alan checked behind them to discover:  5 pairs of gym shorts, 3 shirts, 6 sets of pajamas–mostly winter fleece–for Georgia…, 1 pair of swimming trunks, an adequate amount of underwear, and about 7 Toy Story 3 toys.  I hope Caleb doesn’t get too upset when he realizes Daddy switched a lot of that stuff around before leaving, and the toys are still here at the house.

Funniest moment of the week:  Daniel, sitting on the stairs, breastfeeding Caleb’s Woody doll.  haaaaaahahahaha

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