The Fourth Week Postpartum

I can’t wait to hear how the family reunion went.  Wish “Bobby” and I could’ve been there!
You don’t get any more “southern boy” than that pic of Daniel in his Bama shirt, chowing down on watermelon.  Roll Tide.  And thanks for the photo, Melody!

John David, 3 1/2 weeks old, in an outfit provided by my friend Helena, who let it be known, is the greatest meatball maker ever!

 Yeah, he sleeps better during the day than he does at night.
 When it comes to technology, there is a lot that I don’t get.  The photo app on my tablet is one of those things.  I never made this collage of three photos, shown above.  The tablet just made it for me…without me asking it to do so….Maybe computers really will take over the world some day!
3 weeks postpartum.  Yes, double eye bags, are still present…Believe it or not, the belly does shrink a little each day.  This is my plan for handling all the kids being home this summer.  It’s about the only way I can think of to keep the baby happy and safe while also serving food to my other children.  You do realize that once you have a few kids, most of the day is spent in the kitchen, right?
as seen on Facebook……Yes, my kids are so cute that they are featured on regularly.  Haaaaaa!
   John David is now two or three days away from being 4 weeks old.
Progress report:
-Sleep–He loves it, day or night….maximum hours at once:  ~3 hours.  : (
-Feeding–breastfed.  He loves it too…..max hours between feedings:  4 hours….that one night, man that was an exciting night for me.
-Disposition:  pretty average for a newborn.  He cries the second he gets uncomfortable, sleepy, or hungry.  He seems to prefer to have his mother calm him down.  
-Growth:  FAST.  I guess all the sleeping and feeding is paying off in pounds and inches.
April’s progress report:
-Sleep:  It’s really not funny….
-Feeding:  I have breakfast at 12pm, lunch at 3ish, and supper at 5.  Not exactly normal.  
-Disposition:  not the greatest version of myself….Give me another month or so!
-Growth:  I’d sure better not be growing!  Actually, I’ve lost 23-24 pounds.  I’m not sure since I refused to look at the scale the last couple weeks of pregnancy.  Some things we are just better off not knowing, don’t you think?
I have had sooooooo much help.  My house would look nothing like this if it hadn’t been for my mother!!  She has been doing ALL of the chores.  She’s even been scrubbing our carpet stains, not a fun job in a  house with three kids running around.  She also waits on Daniel hand and foot.
Thank you, Mom!

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