Tomorrow is the first day of school for Joshua and Caleb (Dan starts next week), and I am a bundle of stress and nerves.  What is the deal?  Why should I be bugging out?  I’m not going to school.  I don’t even have to walk with all four of them in the morning because DaddyO and Nonna are here to keep the little ones.  
  I’m taking Benadryl to make sure I do not suffer insomnia tonight.  That stuff is an awesome sleeping pill, as any allergy sufferer can tell you.  I’m setting my alarm clock for 5:30am.  If all goes well, maybe I can work up to scheduling a super early workout in the mornings too.  But not tomorrow.  Tomorrow I will just consider it success to be on time for school.
   Having a nursing baby adds about 45 minutes to my old routine.  No one tells you when you’re moving into “big family” territory that every simple thing is suddenly going to take a whole lot longer with each child that you add.
  The boys are handling it quite well.  They have their clothes laid out and everything.  Joshua says that tomorrow is a “dumb day,” but he seemed quite happy to pick out his clothes and pack his school snack.  I think he’s secretly just as excited as Caleb.  I don’t know if Caleb will be quite so excited when he finds out there’s no show and share, no kitchen center, no painting center,  and no Lego center in the 1st grade.   Joshua grumbled that, “In the 1st grade all the centers are about learning stuff.”
  I feel like the return to walking 2 miles/day and getting back to a more scheduled life in general will be good for us.  If nothing else, it will be good for my post-pregnancy waist line.  : )
   We are sending summer out with a BANG though.  This weekend there has been a Gettysburg trip, a boat outing, and even some putt-putt golf.  I even managed to finally cash in my spa gift card and get a pedicure.
  A few photos from our last weekend of summer:
My sunbutter/cheese ball creation for the BAMA game 
(got this idea from Pinterest and actually made it!)
 Dan is the only one of our boys that loves the boat.

 funny DaddyO
Daniel, Daddy, and I thoroughly enjoyed the football treat.

Bring on the new school year!


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