Betsy’s Baby Shower

 My friend Amy and I had a great time pulling off a surprise baby shower for our pal, Betsy, this weekend, at Amy’s house.   This is Betsy’s second baby, as well as her second boy.  Somehow I still do not know what they are naming this little bundle of joy!
Margret, Catherine, Susie, and Pam

 sweetest mother/daughter picture ever!
 the food
 Betsy and Pam

Betsy, admiring the little bitty clothes…..Enjoy it Betsy!  They grow so fast!
Oh, and do you see the diaper cake beside her?  Yep, I made that.  That is a surprisingly easy craft.

I didn’t make that.  ; )  That was a gift from someone else.  I liked it though.

 a little hand-me-down from our own John David  Go Nats!
 Zoe and Madison were our “runners”, shuffling gifts from party room to play room.

 Little Brother!
The big brother is Joshua’s buddy, Jacob.
 Betsy and the super-cute cake
 Amy and Betsy

the party favors

Sean, holding John David, after the party

Joshua and Caleb’s buddy and Daniel’s role model, Xavier.  Every time we walk out of our house, Daniel starts looking over at Xavier’s house and shouting, “Xavier!  Xavier!”

  Most importantly, I really hope that Betsy enjoyed it as much as we did!  This is really what our weekend was all about.  Even the boys were excited about it, even though they stayed home with Alan.  Alan did a great job keeping them all.  Love you, Alan!
  Two other big events from this weekend:
  1. Friday and Saturday were really rough because I decided it was time to stop swaddling John David.  He likes to suck on his hands now, so clearly he needs easy access to his hands.  That made for some hard nap times.  He is just so used to the swaddling in order to go to sleep, so napping didn’t go well, which meant my days were h-a-r-d!  Today was much better.
  2.  Our new video baby monitor arrived!  Wahoo!  I noticed Betsy got one for her baby too.  You will love it, Betsy!  
     My parents bought us ours, and Alan got it all set up this weekend.  He installed a shelf above, but to the side of the crib, and now I can spy on the baby while he sleeps.  I love it.  love, love, love it!  Thank you so much!

Happy Monday, everyone.  Defy the odds and make it a great one.  ; )


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