I love Sundays!

   I am very excited to have learned a new skill!  Digital photo labeling!  I asked our friend Jamie, who blogs at joshandjamie.com, and she said she uses Picasa.  She said she can do it “real quick.”  I’m not so sure I was “real quick”, but I’m excited to finally know how to do this!!
  I love Sundays!!!  Things are almost perfect here right now.  Alan is passed out beside me, getting a Sunday afternoon nap, John David is on my other side, trying to fall asleep in his bouncy chair, Dan is napping, Caleb is playing on my iPad, and Joshua just stepped outside to play.  (Joshua doesn’t rest much).  
  Sundays are the best for me because it is truly my day of rest.  Alan is here to help with the children.  There are no deadlines to meet, no expectations to fulfill, and it is just the most blessed feeling in the world.  Sure, we get up in the mornings and rush off to church, but then we have the rest of the day to enjoy.  It is downright restorative.  In fact, it is our gift from God.   I don’t know what we would do without it.
  Does that mean I don’t do “any work” on this day?  No, that’s not possible, but I don’t feel that level of stress, of “I have a list of 30 things that must be done and 30 unread emails” that I might have on other days.  It’s actually a great day to catch up on the work I’ve been putting off!  Like figuring out what to do about Joshua’s birthday!  
I can’t believe he is turning 8!  Eight sounds so big boy!
This is how we “kick back”!  Pajamas are a big deal here:
chillin’ with Mommy and Daddy

 JD’s laughing face
picture time with Mommy
His hair definitely is looking blonde, don’t you think?
 He’s so huggable.  He’s like our little mellow marshmallow.  : )

 Say WHAT!!??
big smiles…..and you can see wrestling brothers beside him

  John David is turning out to be pretty laid back, and I am so thankful for that!  I hope you all have a blessed day of rest!!!


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