Road Trip Success!!

  Don’t you just love the whole “New Year” thing?  I do.  I’ve loved the idea of a clean slate for as long as I can remember.
  2013 was one of our harder years, just adjusting to the new baby, and I just wasn’t well for a while there.  The baby fog is lifting, though, and I’m feeling down right normal now!  I’m actually enjoying talking to people again, laughing when appropriate, and even getting stuff done!  Having a baby always throws me for a loop for a while, but around 6 months I begin to feel like myself again, and I am SO THANKFUL for that!
  2014 is going to be so much better, except that we won’t be having any adorable new babies this year.  JD was 2013’s one redeeming quality!
  But 2014 is going to be awesome.  I have decided!!  More about that in the next post.
  It had been a whole year since I’d been to my home land–Alabama–so it’s great that we got to spend about 10 days back down there visiting our families.  We thoroughly enjoyed seeing everyone, even if I did spend a few days of it recovering from strep throat!!
  Let me tell you, that was the worst case of strep I’ve ever had, and I hope to never get that again.  It was BAD.
  Now we are dealing with the aftermath of Christmas:  over-stuffed suitcases exploding into our house.  Luggage for six people, plus gifts for six people is a NIGHTMARE to unpack!  We got so much stuff, I’m going to have to re-organize to fit it all into my house.
   Okay.  That doesn’t sound grateful.  Well, this is America, where our gold shoes are too tight.  We complain about everything.  Truth is, our family blessed us big time, and this is a good problem to have.
  …..So let’s focus on the coolest thing about this Christmas at Alan’s parents’ house.  Two babies!  What is more adorable than two little baby cousins, all dressed alike???  Nothing.  Look how cute:

 Wesley, age 10 months and JD, age 6 months, playing with Nonna’s Christmas toy collection

 We stood them up at the coffee table to play, with Nonna supporting JD.
 ….but sometimes JD would go all baby-spaz and throw himself back like this.  (cuteness)
These were my favorite:
 Wesley was all calm, and JD was super excited about all the attention.  I think Wesley was thinking, “Eh, I’m the first baby, I have photo sessions like this all the time.  Can we go play now?”  And JD was like, “Hey, look at me!  Oh boy!  No brothers here!”
 Really!!  Nothing cuter than TWO chubby little babies!  I love it.

 They are so lucky to have first cousins their age.  I think this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

the cousins with Uncle Greg (Wesley’s daddy, but isn’t that obvious?)

 Caleb and Dan were super excited to open even more presents.
  Our trip home went well.  We have come to terms with the fact that we now require either a really nice suite or two joined hotel rooms when we travel.  This is not as easy to come by as your standard “one double” for a family of four, so we actually booked a hotel in advance for the trip home.  That was such a relief, knowing that we’d have a place to stay and wouldn’t have to drive all night because we couldn’t find a place—yes, that has happened to us before!  Ugh.
  No ER trips this time either.  PHEW!
Happy New Year!


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