I May Never Make it to Chapter Three….

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  I mentioned in a previous post:  new-years-check-up, that one of my missions this year is to get back on track with our budget.  With four kids in tow, we really need to chill it on the spending!    I decided a great way to help me focus on this mission would be to read this book:
    Here’s my only problem:  In chapter two she says you should de-clutter your house.  In fact, she recommends getting a babysitter and knocking out every room, freeing each room of all the stuff you no longer need.  She says not to even move on to chapter three until you’ve done this.
   I have four kids, and my house has a lot of rooms packed with a lot of stuff.
……I haven’t bothered with the babysitter, but I obviously should, because three days later, and I’ve finally finished the storage room and part of the guest room, and I’m not sure if I will EVER get to read chapter 3!!!  Do you have any idea how much junk we have?  A lot.
  That’s been kind of a depressing project to deal with this week.  
  We send about 2 bags of cast-aways per month to thrift stores on average, so I am very much in the habit of de-cluttering.  Yet somehow, things are never quite the way I want them to be.  
  I’ve found that one key to this issue is labeling.  I hate it when I organize something, but then the kids mess it up and no one knows how to put it back the way it was because nothing is labeled. 
  I’ve spent a lot of time this week labeling.
 We are going to end up being that family whose house looks like a toddler’s word book.
….Speaking of toddlers…..Here are my adorable, slightly exhausting companions:

Common theme:  Dan is playing with an airplane in every single photo.  He has been flying his airplanes all week long.  Future pilot, perhaps??
  If Dan is a future pilot, Caleb is a future doctor.  He has come home from school each day describing to me what kind of science experiment they did in class.  He said today they learned how to make soda.  Pretty cool, huh?  Plus, he’s been putting his digestive system puzzle together over and over again.  Not kidding:
 Love of science + Caleb’s social skills = possibility for a wonderful doctor!  
You better believe I’ve told him that, too!
  I actually had all four kids at home for a lot of the week because they kept canceling school.  It wasn’t even snowing or icy!  They kept closing schools because it was “cold”.  We all thought that was kind of weird.
  Oh!  I was careful to take some snapshots of Daniel being helpful this week, to help improve his reputation.  
He gets really excited about cooking, especially about baking cakes.  Yes, I bake a lot of cakes, BUT don’t be too impressed.  
How I bake a cake:
1.  Send Alan to store for cake mix and icing.
2.  Follow directions on cake mix box.
3.  Cool cake and ice with the little plastic tub of chocolate icing.
quick and easy
 You choose your kind of oil and eggs.
Less sugar than bakery cake.

cleaning the coffee table
Have a great weekend, everyone!

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