The Fifth Family Day at Home

 family drawing by Caleb
  Today is the fifth day straight that the kids have been out of school and the first day that Daddy has gone back to work.  (We had the weekend + MLK Jr. Day + 2 snow days).  I think we’re all starting to feel a little restless.
  Okay, a lot restless.
  I got so tired of the boys carrying on at lunch (during the baby’s nap) that I took everyone’s bowl away and banished them all to the basement…..where I can now here a sibling…debate… in progress……
  …..and now they have regressed into name calling…..and here they come……
…..I seem to have that situation diffused, so where was I?  Oh yes, winter is definitely here.  This is what Caleb and Dan ended up doing yesterday, around supper-time:
I guess staying indoors all day is just exhausting.
No, really, those two were in need of some extra sleep.  I thought this was funny.
  Remember when I wrote about how hectic my life is and how I can barely get supper made, the laundry done, and forget anything extra?  Well, if you can’t relate, that just means you’ve never been outnumbered by small children in your household.  I think this is all pretty normal.
  I’m happy to report that things ARE actually much better now.  I try not to plan too many activities for any one week.  Plus, babies get easier to me as they get older.  Look at how happy our little 7-month-old is:

  Now while I did say things are better, don’t take that to mean things are ‘sane.’  
As we speak:
1.   I am still behind on the laundry (I just don’t care as much.  I bought the kids more underwear and pants).    
2.  JD is waking up from a nap.  It’s a wonder he sleeps at all with so many brothers home all day.
3.  Caleb just came downstairs from “thinking about what he did”, apologized to Joshua, and now they are all watching Micky Mouse Clubhouse.
4.  I, thankfully, DO have the chicken thawing for dinner.
5.  I have already made the boys do their daily reading.
6.  I got to sleep…..get this……ALL NIGHT LONG last night.
   Yep.  Not a single person wet their bed, had night terrors, woke up sick, woke up for an extra feeding, or crawled into my bed.  
  Um, wow!
  Progress on “The Great Clean-Out” has slowed, as I’ve had so many mouths to feed here.  
I have moved onto the main floor of the house now though!
-I completely finished the basement.  
-I’ve de-cluttered the bathroom, the china cabinet, and the baker’s rack.  
– I SCRUBBED the basement stair-rail area.  So many little hands running down that wall for three years….you can imagine.  It looks awesome now.
– I’ve done more storage shifting and labeling as I go.  This helps a TON.  I’m a total labeling fanatic now.
  I know that I have a laid-back, happy sort of personality.  I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about stuff, so people assume that I don’t care about organization and such.  
  That could not be further from the truth.  
 When I was a little girl, one of my favorite activities was to rearrange my books, putting them in alphabetical order by category.  hehe  So fun. 
  The chaotic fashion in which my boys keep their Legos and books bothers me a little…..but not enough to worry about it.  
  Gotta keep the main thing the main thing!
  I had to clean out one of my two baskets full of mail and paperwork on the baker’s rack.  I DETEST paperwork.  I found a whole bunch of thank -you notes in there from when I had the baby.  Also, I never wrote down who I  thanked, formally, and who I didn’t.  
  If you get two thank-yous from me or zero, I’m so sorry.  I was very messed up (untreated anemia + four children in the summer) for a few months there.  I’m trying to fix it!!!
…..only I’m out of stamps.
……and I’m not the kind of brave warrior mom that bundles up four kids and goes to the post office in 9 degree weather on snowy roads.  Our street wasn’t even plowed this morning.
… don’t look for those notes to get caught up on just yet…
  Okay, now JD is calling me, so I should go up there.  
  I just put a Space Shuttle DVD in for the boys to watch.  Kids’ cartoons get on my nerves.  Caleb and Dan are actually watching it.  Score one for Mommy.  
  One more thank you that I owe here:
  Thank you so much to all of you who have clicked on that Top Mommy Blogs banner and voted for me.  The blog is now up to #87 overall.  That puts me on page 4.  
   87 out of 1,016 blogs.
   I am #20 in my category:  Family Life.  That’s #20 out of 250.  
  The rankings change daily, and each day I’ve moved up a little bit more on the list!!  I’ve wasted a slightly significant amount of time watching it rise…
  Thank you all so much!!!
Quote of the Day:
a couple of months ago…but I forgot to share it:
Nonna was here visiting, and someone mentioned a candy bar for some reason.  Caleb asked, “Huh?  What’s a candy bar!??!”
Later I was going to the store, and Nonna said, “Would you please pick Caleb up a candy bar while you are out?  That is just ridiculous for a child to not even know what a candy bar is.”

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  • Anonymous

    Caleb's artwork is a perfect embodiment of I John 4:16, “God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them” (NIV). May God bless all of you. ~Daddy-O

  • What a wonderful thing to say, DaddyO! I'll have to share that with Caleb!

  • April, I've enjoyed reading your blog over the last few weeks (thanks to Amy P) and actually learning what a blog is! You've got a great site and I hope to learn from you in how to “grow a blog” (adding pictures/banners/more than one tab!). All the best ~Erin C

  • Sure! And thank you! I helped my friend Christine set one up just the other day. Blogger makes it fairly easy to set up. The hardest part is choosing a name!

  • Yay! I would definitely LOVE some help as I am kind of technologically challenged! I began one a few weeks ago, but have no idea how to make it unique. It is

    Also, if you need to borrow a baby/toddler bath for JD, we have a nice blue one you're welcome to use. I can bring it to Sunday school tomorrow if you'd like.

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