The Future of The “Liter” Side of Life

Isn’t that cute?  Alan made this for me on Power Point.
A strange new day has arrived.  After pouring countless hours into The “Liter” Side of Life, I have decided that it’s time to change my blog name.
  I have been blogging publicly for only a year, and I’m really starting to learn how to build the site and build readership.  I’m ready to take it to the next level, so I need to make this sort of BIG change now, rather than later.
  When you change a blog name, you have to change a lot…..and I could even lose readers, but I really hope that won’t happen!!!
  The thing is that when I started the blog I wanted to name it “The Lighter Side of Life”, and I hoped to provide to my readers a refreshing website to visit where the stories were light-hearted and often funny.  I thought I’d also share some “light” recipes as a play on the title and some inspirational Bible messages, since God is our “light”.  
  Ah, I had great plans……
  But the name was already taken…..
In many forms.
  So I went with a misspelling, and Alan thinks it’s holding me back.
  People ask is it “liter” like a coke?
  Is it “litter” like kittens???
  What does it mean????
Stay tuned, my friends.  I have purchased a new domain name that I will be unveiling very soon.   It will be easy to type and remember.  
It’s spelled correctly too!
There will be no “blogspot” in the title or “wordpress” or anything.  It will just be my  I’m so excited!!!  But first I’ve got to get all this hard work I’ve put into this blog transferred over to the new web address!!!
Don’t worry.  I will leave a direct link here, and it will be WEEKS before I get this ready for public viewing!!!  I’m so excited about it though.  I’m going to look like a “serious blogger”!  

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  • Woo Hoo!!!!! =) You go girl!!!!!
    When you get it all figured out tell me how to do it!!! I've had my domain name for 6 months and have done nothing with it!!! Grrrrr…… =/

  • Anonymous

    Props to Alan on the picture 🙂 Looks like you are up to #2 on the Top Mommy Blocs…woo hop! Amy

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