The Productive Stay-at-Home Mom

This week in review:
As you can see through this “Dan cam” image, Daniel almost always insists on sleeping in his floor.  ???Why???  I don’t know.  I figure he likes to A.)  be closer to his toys and also B.) have a better view of people walking by in the hallway.  
That’s right.  He now also likes his door open.
He is officially our first child to insist on sleeping in the floor.

 Dan, reading one of those free Gideon Bibles… proud, Dan, so proud!!
Quote of the Week:
Caleb, in prayer, said, “Please help Mommy to remember our names.”
Ya’ll, I promise I know their names, but when I’m directing children I have the hardest time with this!!  Do any of you have this problem??
I’m all:
“Joshua, Caleb, Daniel!  Get your head out of the trashcan!”
It seems like every time I address a child by name, I first must go through at least three of the wrong ones.
Joshua, waiting for “Xavier’s mom” to give him a ride to school
I have really sweet friends!
I just have to share this wonderful program:

Have you noticed these?  It’s like Box Tops, only you just type these codes (found inside Kellogg’s boxes) like this, on your online account.

We’ve used our Family Rewards coupons for several things:
1.  free Monster’s University pillowcase
2.  FREE movie tickets
3.  free:  several kids’ books!
Not too shabby!

nothing sweeter than reading time
These are books all FOUR of my boys have loved at some point!
1.  Disney search and find books.  The one Dan has is perfect for toddlers.
2.  Waddle
3.  all of the Usborne books.  That company is WONDERFUL!  The little boys spent half an hour with the Trucks book and the That’s Not My Train book.  They are full of textures for them to touch.  Huge hit!

 I know.  JD is a drool machine.
Breakfast time before school:

 Caleb just couldn’t get enough of Dan’s cheeks this morning!
 Isn’t it adorable how they’re all hanging out, and it looks like they’re having such great conversation?  I wish I could remember what they were talking about!

10:20…..past my bedtime!  Augh!!!  One more quick story you might enjoy!

One of my babysitters gave me a compliment today that I really liked.  She said, “You know, for a stay-at-home mom, you’re really productive!”

hehehe  Take it as it was meant, a compliment!  It is an accomplishment to be productive at this job:
-24 hour kitchen access
-24 hour computer access
-lots of bottoms to wipe
-lots of mouths to feed
-more laundry than imaginable
-train tracks to build
-stories to read
-homework to help with
-babies to rock
-work that regenerates itself as soon as it’s done….
It is HARD to feel productive at this job!

Come back tomorrow for my next post:  the pep talk Alan gave me that turned my NEGATIVE attitude into a GIDDY-HAPPY attitude.  Suddenly today I feel so alive.  There are chores that I may never catch up on, and the scale hasn’t budged in a month…..but man am I blessed, and I can’t wait to talk about that in my next post!

Bring on the weekend!!!

Today’s blog hop:
This is a good one!  I love the “Friday Favorites”!

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  • Anonymous

    Bigger, better blot…exciting!!! My mom also has the name game problem. “Jan..Ellen..Alys..Karen…Apr…AMY!” Hopefully it's not hereditary. My maid of honor is an Usborne Rep…I agree, those are great books! Maybe your new blog could connect readers with her somehow?!? Just an idea. Maybe she'd be up for a giveaway or something??? Keep the frequent posts coming! I can't wait for the “motivational post up next!” Amy

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