Dan’s version of “Let it Go”


I’m almost finished converting to WordPress for blog hosting and the new name!!!

That’s really the whole reason I’m doing all of this was to get my own name and drop the whole “blogspot.com” bit.  I definitely like this better!

I will have the pages at the top all finished up soon.

Meanwhile, I want to say THANK YOU for following me from the old web address to the new one.  Pretty please, pause a moment and leave yourself a trail so you can find your way back…..if you know what I mean.  I’m just terrified I’m going to lose all my readers because they won’t know how to find me.

Here are several ways to always know where my website is and keep in touch:

1.  You can follow me on my Facebook page, via the “Like” icon on my sidebar.  Each time I post something new, I always post it on my Facebook page.

2.  You can subscribe via email, and this is a great option if you are not a regular Facebook user!

..but if you don’t really want to hear from me every day or even every few days, that may not be for you.  Ha!  Of course, I’m sure you would never get tired of me…

3.  If you have bloglovin’ or any other form of reader, you can add me to that by copy/pasting my url.

4.  You can just bookmark me.

5.  You can follow me on Pinterest or Google +, but that won’t let you know when I post something new.

6.  If all else fails, go to my old website, and click the link that I left there!

old site:  The Liter Side of Life

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