The Latest Phase: The Sitting in the Tree Song!

Yesterday I went to Target.  I was supposed to buy Alan an A&W Root Beer while there, but I forgot….until I got to the check-out line.  By that point, the A&W’s were all the way at the back of the store, and it was starting to snow outside.  Oops.  So I bought Alan a 20 ounce Dr. Pepper, and figured all was not lost.

But now it’s 4:30 pm, and I’m still beat from taking all four kids to the library, helping them with their homework, and dealing with some moderately bad news.  (Don’t worry.  All is well).

And right at this moment I just don’t have it.  I don’t have the get-up-and-go left to cook dinner, and since the Dr. Pepper is the only soda available, and I view soda like many of you might view liquor, I drank it.

I drank Alan’s Dr. Pepper…..that I’d bought him…..because I’d failed to buy the A&W.

So now, not only am I tired and emotionally drained, but I am also filled with guilt and regret.  I’m sorry, Alan, I love you.  I think I just needed it a little bit more than you did.  I will buy you another one!


  I actually managed to get a decent dinner of ham, green beans, and rolls prepared, and now I want to tell you about a strange new phase of life we have come to.

  Our boys have reached the phase of teasing each other about…..dumdumdum……girls!  I have heard this song so many times I could poke my eyes out if I hear it again:  “Caleb and that girl sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g..”  Ugh.

  Today Joshua wrote it out on a paper, brought it downstairs to where Caleb was playing with a friend, and tried to pass it off as a note from this girl to Caleb.  We’ll call her Marsha, but just know that no one in their generation is named Marsha, it’s a fake name to protect the children.  ; )

  Joshua was all, “Ooooo, Marsha wrote Caleb this note.  She said she loooooves Caleb!”

  Caleb fired back, “Heh??  What!  NOOOO!  Marsha loves me, but I HATE HER!  Let me see that.  You wrote that, Joshua.”

And just for the record:  Caleb does NOT hate Marsha.  He thinks she is an awesome friend, at least, and he talks about her frequently.

First, Caleb came to me crying.  Then Caleb turned the tables on Joshua and sang it about Joshua and another girl.  That turned the game into boys chasing each other and trying to whack each other.  Oy.

Oh, then they started singing it about Daniel.  Hello, he’s two.  He doesn’t even know what a girl is.

Okay, that’s not exactly true.  I don’t know how much he knows about the difference between a boy and a girl, but I can tell you that his method of getting a girl’s attention is HILARIOUS.  He falls back on the classic boy method of “annoy and growl” to get a girl’s attention.

Literally, he growls at girls.

According to Mabby’s daughter, he also sometimes hits…..a problem we will certainly work on!  I’ve seen him so many times spot a cute 3-year-old, there’s this one in particular that he sees when we walk to school, and he will turn himself around as far as he can go in his stroller to growl back at her and try to get her to look at him.

On the rare warm day that he actually gets to see her at the park, he will march all the way up to her, stomp his feet and roar at her, face-to-face.  I had to rush over there and do damage control.

Dear future girls that they will meet:  I promise to teach them good etiquette.  They will learn how to flirt without insulting, compliment without making you nervous, and talk about things other than poop and cars.  I promise.


Major Event:  I booked myself and John David (age 7 months) a flight to Alabama to see my folks this Thursday, and now they are predicting a serious snow storm for Wednesday night here, enough to effectively cancel my trip for Thursday.  I am sweating this out!!!!  Prayers please, and maybe I should start thinking up a back-up plan, really!  It’s not like I’m not being warned.  I was SO EXCITED to get away for a weekend.

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