The Mid-Day Slump

I’m always a little jealous of Dan and his mid-day nap.

I tend to start my days off really, really slowly.  I drag myself downstairs, or usually one of the boys drags me down the stairs.  I feed people.  I make myself coffee.

An hour later, I’m fully awake and ready to tackle the day.  I make a list and have GREAT BIG, HUGE plans to save the world and solve all of my problems that day.  I begin crossing things off my list.

Mishaps happen along the way, and by 1pm, the steam is gone, and suddenly nothing seems important anymore.  Nothing at all.

By this point, I’m thinking, “What?  No one replied to my emails?  Eh.  Who cares.”

“De-clutter 1 hour?  Are you kidding?  JD is napping, and I’m about to sit down for the first time since JD’s morning bottle!”

“Sweep the kitchen?  Nah.  It’ll just get dirty again…..”

You get the idea.  I can either drink coffee and keep going, or I can stop and rest.  Today I’m choosing rest.  : )  Blogging is my chosen rest activity.  : )

Am I the only one?  Do any of you have a mid-day slump?  You know, some countries get a siesta around this time. Can’t we vote that in for the USA???


Daniel is LOVING this! It’s so cute to listen to him answer all of the questions and try to read all the words!!!


Right now I’m doing something new.  I whipped out the “Your Baby Can Read” dvds, and thought I’d give Daniel a shot at an education.

He was all, “No baby videos!!!”  I assured him that it’s for all ages, and since it’s about reading, it must be for big boys.

I’m so glad I tried it.  He’s LOVING it.  We’re going to do this again!!  Maybe it will even work, and he will learn some words.

How sweet is this picture? JD got to spend quality time with his great-grandparents this past weekend, and it was SO SWEET how much he genuinely loved his great-grandmother!!  He just took right to her.

Getting JD to take a bottle was a serious victory. Great job, Nonna!!

One more thought before I get back to work:  the weaning is going swimmingly.  JD HATES formula, though. Believe it or not, spending all day pumping is not an improvement over spending all day breastfeeding.  Boo fun.  So here’s the weaning plan:

Step 1:  Get the boy to take a bottle.  DONE!!!  Nonna volunteered to do this for me, and I am SO THANKFUL.  I was out and about this weekend and sleeping at night, and it was all super wonderful, and surprisingly emotional!  Hormones–geesh!

Step 2:  Begin supplementing a little regular milk into each bottle.  Formula failed.  He hates it, and he knows if it’s in there, so I tried a touch of regular milk.  That worked much better.  I did my research, and a little milk at his age is perfectly fine.  He’s not ready to have cow’s milk full time, but he may be able to handle a little each day.

Step 3:  Gradually phase out all breastfeeding.  Nighttime feedings will be the last to go.  That part won’t be so difficult.  I’ve done that three times before.  Finding milk JD will drink, that is good for him, that has been the tricky part!!

Okay.  I’m going to also opt for that extra cup of coffee now.  Here’s to finishing the day strong!!  Hope ya’ll are having a great one!



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