Sometimes things just don’t work out. Help needed.

A cross-country move is a job. Add four kids to that, and it’s an even bigger job. Four little bitty kids.

Everything is going really well, except for this one large, red problem: Alan’s truck. We have finally gotten it down to Alabama, so it is with me now rather than just sitting on the side of the road. (Thank you so much, Amy and Sean for letting us leave it there!! Ya’ll are such wonderful friends!!)

Now we have a new problem: getting it moved across the country. Could I just do it myself??  Absolutely. I could do it without flinching an eye, and I’d frankly enjoy doing it, even all alone. I’d be fine. Unfortunately, the men in my life don’t seem to like this idea. Actually, I haven’t even bothered to bring it up. I think they’d veto the idea, and I don’t enjoy being veto’d. We need new ideas. Anyone have any?  Anyone want to take our truck on a cross-country road trip?

Just let us know. The original agreement with a shipper fell through. We aren’t even sure what happened there. Our back-up plan fell through. Then our third back-up was charging over $3000, and I could do it myself for $1000, so I refuse to pay that.

We will fund any friend or family member gas, lodging, and a return plane ticket. We will even pay you for your trouble.

What do you say? Ideas, anyone?

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