Embracing Life

embracing life

Today I came down with some sort of sinus-y whoozy head problem. I kept feeling like I would faint, and the only cure was to lie down. I spent the afternoon, lying down, mad that I was lying down when I have so much to do. If dark clouds could really hang over your head when your glum, I would have had several.

Then I read this blog post, from a blogger I’d never read before. Here’s the link:


You really should read it, and then you really should come back here. Why? Because I want you to read MY blog. πŸ™‚ I even programmed it to open in a separate window so you won’t lose my site. Go ahead. Read his post.


After I read this, I said, “Wait a minute!! Β Why am I only surviving?? Β I have this incredible, beautiful life, filled with these insanely wonderful people that I love so much. Why am I just getting by? Β I mean, sure, I have days where I think I do more than just survive, but am I really choosing to embrace life and THRIVE?? Why am I lying in this bed feeling sorry for myself!!??”

I got out of bed, and I threw on my cloak of protection (house coat) for an explanation of that (You must be new here.) click here. Don’t worry. That one will also open in a separate window. πŸ˜‰ …..so I threw on my cloak of protection and pulled my hair back in a ponytail (just in case I felt like puking). Alan was surprised to see me downstairs. I proclaimed, “Alan! I am embracing life!”

Alan said, “wearing that?”

Is it really so bad?

oh. ha ha ha.

“I’m cold.”

“Well, while you’re embracing things, you should wash all the coffee stains off that thing.”

Yes, my name is April, and I spill coffee. Often. I also love my house coat. I told Alan he could bury me in it. I will truly be showing up to Heaven in a great white robe. teeeehehehehe

Alan said, “Are you okay?”

“I’m powering through!!” I replied, and I did! I actually enjoyed my evening. I enjoyed bathing my littles. I enjoyed reading to them. I enjoyed kissing them good night. I even enjoyed loading the dishwasher while John David kept pulling stuff back out of it.


So I ask you, what about you? Are you embracing life?? Β Are you living it to your fullest? Are you doing the things you want to do?

I have a lot on my plate– an insane amount, really. I’m not looking to add one more thing for a very, very long time. I’m getting good at saying no, and that’s good. What I need to do is EMBRACE what I do have. These kids are adorable. ADORABLE. This state that I live in is limitless in the adventures that it offers. I have got to take advantage of this. I want to make life more rewarding, more fun, more educational, and more exciting for my whole family.

Their moods, all five of them, are a direct reflection of my mood. Every day.

This attitude adjustment could not have come at a better time, as Joshua has been telling me that I am a boring teacher. Nice, huh? Caleb even said he’d like to go back to regular school now. At least Joshua did not want to do that. I told them that’s not an option this year. Next year, we’ll see. I won’t lie. I’ve been working them hard, and they have lost their beloved PE.

I hate PE, but you know what? PE is their favorite subject, and we have to add it back. Send me all your best PE ideas!!! Tomorrow our CC Community is having a Park Day. I am 100% sure that will make my boys happy.

I have got to put the FUN back into our lives. It’s already there, really, we just need to embrace it.