Classical Conversations: Trying to Figure out what the heck I’m doing

brothers hiking This week Alan was excited to get to go to Classical Conversations with us. He went to Joshua’s class, and I went to Caleb’s class. Last week I didn’t get to go to either class because it was my week to work in the nursery. I’m so excited that the child care workers will be back from vacation next week, so hopefully I will finally get to see what goes on during the morning assembly. I’ve had so many questions. Are we supposed to be teaching 1 John in Latin yet? How much of 1 John are they supposed to be learning each week? What does a ‘family presentation’ look like? Are there announcements I’m missing? I drilled Alan on every single thing that went on in there.

Remember, I’m SUPER new at this. What about the CC songs? On some things, Joshua and Caleb’s classes use two different sets of motions or two different tunes for their song. Don’t even get me started on my boys’ reluctance to sing in public….or sometimes to even sing at home. It seems like everything is a song, and I just want to nudge them to pieces to get them to sing along in class. Instead, they tend to act like they just don’t know the song. That really makes me scream inside. Sometimes I do feel really discouraged. Then I just have to remind myself to NOT care what other people think of my children. I know they are rock stars, and I don’t blame them for not singing loudly at tutoring. I’m just amazed that they’ve been so outgoing during their presentations. If I were required to do a presentation in front of a bunch of people I had only just met, I would be way more nervous than these boys have been. I know exactly what I’d do. I would get up there, talk with my shaky voice, leave a few things out in my nervousness, and breathe a huge sigh of relief when it’s over. I am so thankful that they have handled it so well. I’m afraid this CC Connected web page is going to be more important to our group than I thought. Why is that a problem? ….because I’m being lazy…It’s one of those username/ password/ $6.00 per month kind of deals. I know. I know. I’m just going to have to throw in the towel, spend 20 minutes playing “guess my user name”, give in, hope it sends me an email with info I can remember, pay the money, and deal with it. I will have that done by the end of today. I promise. Goodness knows I need a song for the 6s. (counting by 6s) My CD has one, but it only sings it once. If you rewind, it takes you back to all of week 3–groan–and when I try to go solo, I cannot cannot cannot get the tune right. Is there an MP3 version? There ought to be. Thankfully, there is an MP3 version of the Timeline Song. We downloaded it onto every device we have, and the boys really love that song.

So for now, we are rock stars at some things and struggling in others. I personally still feel a little behind the curve. The kids have definitely adjusted to the home school life. Yesterday Alan told the boys, while they were jumping on the trampoline, “Sh! Listen. Do you hear all those kids playing at the playground?” The boys stopped jumping for a minute. Joshua said, “But what if they’re bigger than us?” Alan said, “Or they could be smaller! It doesn’t matter. Why don’t I take you, and you can make some friends?” Joshua said, “You know who’s my best friend here? Caleb. Caleb is my friend. I’m just going to play with him.” Caleb grinned, and they went back to jumping. A month ago, we were really excited to meet the kids that live right behind us, and the boys kept knocking on their door. Nothing ever came of that, though, so the boys gave up and quit knocking a couple of weeks ago. This past week, Joshua invited them to come jump on the trampoline, and they turned him down, so we’re pretty much back to square one there. The boys are SO excited that their grandparents arrive on Wednesday. They have a count down going. Ok. Daniel is here, and John David is crying, so I guess that’s all for me. I now ya’ll (most of my family/friends/readers) are all just as new to the whole Classical Conversations thing as I am. Just take how confused you feel about all this–and you’ll be right where we are. But never fear. April WILL figure this out. I’m a very stubborn person. “for though a righteous man fall seven times, he rises again, but the wicked are brought down by calamity.” Proverbs 24:16 Roll Tide. 🙂 sleepingsealion

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