When I’m Feeling Blue

Sometimes I feel so blue

I don’t know what to do

Go to my room and pray

Sometimes I forget to listen

God always has something to say

I open my Bible and read

I promise He tells me to make coffee

Yes! Why didn’t I think of this–yummy!

Exactly what I need!

I go downstairs and see them

All sitting so sweetly in their chairs

Their faces so sweet and chubby

Their hearts so clean  and innocent

Their hands so rough and dirty

I love them so much, how could I ever be blue?

I make my coffee and smile in sweet reverie

Then of course they bombard me with their merriment

And a thousand requests for snacks and for tea

I love it. I do. My heart floods with glee

My God, with four little boys has blessed me!

🙂 Yes, of course, I wrote it myself, why do you think it has no pattern?  haaaa!

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