A Sunset Walk in Monterey

This boy loved being in a bubble.

This boy loved being in a bubble.

Alan and I herded all the boys together and ventured over to Monterey this past weekend.

The boys said things like this:

“I don’t want to go.”

“Can’t we just stay home?”

Until we got there. Once we got there, they had a ball and didn’t want to leave. In fact, Joshua developed a sudden interest in film production. He made movie after movie and “News Story” after news story.

Sorry, I am under strict gag orders to not share his movie on the blog. 🙁

He also decided not to release his movie in theatres. We asked him what he was naming his movie. He replied, “Hmmm I’ll have to think about that.”

Alan suggested, “How about The Best Movie Ever!?”

Joshua said, “What! NO! Why would we name it that? It’s not even good.”

I got a good laugh out of that one.

It was such a pleasure just to stroll along Cannery Row, Fisherman’s Wharf, and the Monterey beaches with this adorable crew of little men.

Caleb took lots of pictures for us:

We spotted this sea otter, peacefully back-stroking around the boats.

We spotted this sea otter, peacefully back-stroking around the boats.

Oops…okay this next photo isn’t from our walk. But I had to share it. Caleb has been “training” Daniel, in I don’t know what, in the garage. He awards his young apprentice with copious amounts of merit badges:

Caleb's apprentice. Check out all those badges.

Caleb’s apprentice. Check out all those badges. Maybe I should find out what he’s been training him to do…  😉

Ahem….as I was saying. Monterey:

Joshua in a bubble.

As soon as we arrived, Caleb and Joshua spotted a vendor renting out play time in the bubbles. Boy, were they excited when Alan paid the money and they actually got to play in these things!

Yes, Alan just had to join in.

Joshua wasn’t a fan, so he got out and rolled Alan around.

still too young to play in the bubble

But they could still play with each other.

She’s the patron saint of fishermen, or something like that.

checking out all the boats


It was getting dark. Can you see the big ol’ harbor seal on the rock?

Caleb took several pictures of the pictures on the information podiums.

And you gotta hear this. Most adorable snoring ever! The boys and I got such a kick out of this!

You’ll have to click on the link to watch.





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