A Sense of Belonging

Me, Aunt Linda, and my sister, Amanda

slightly damaged old photo of Me, Aunt Linda, and my sister, Amanda: I was probably 2.

I’ve noticed that I often share my struggles with people rather than my joys. I think it’s more encouraging to hear that other people have a hard time, than to listen to bragging. However, today I don’t want to think about my problems, so I’m just going to share good news, and pretend like the bad things don’t exist.

Other people are always doing that, and it gets on my nerves, but I’m going to be THAT Mom today. 😉

The boys: A home-schooling family of six just moved in across the street, and I can safely say it’s the most exciting thing that’s happened to the boys, you know, since the last new kid moved in.

I have prayed for more home-school friends for us. The biggest reason I wanted them to have home school friends was to give them a sense of belonging. That is such an important, basic need. Don’t you think? Some of my hardest times were when I knew I didn’t fit in anywhere.

Yeah, yeah, I get it. Embrace being different, but I still feel that a sense of belonging is good, especially if you’re ‘belonging’ is in a good place, not so much a crack house.

The broken arm: Joshua now has a cast, and we were ecstatic to learn that he only has to wear it for THREE weeks! Wahoo!! This one is so much less complicated than the broken arm that Joshua had three years ago.

I forgot to mention HOW he broke his arm. He fell on a playground, hit his head, and then fell backwards on his arm.

Joshua’s orthopedist is kind of funny. He’s not a pediatric doctor, so he was the very FIRST person to ask him, “How the hell did you do that?” Ha!! That was a new one. We liked him though. He was very good about explaining things.

The blog: Home schooling 3rd grade, 4th grade, and Pre-K, while also taking care of a 2-year-old is so taxing that I have decided not to accept any more sponsored post opportunities. I just can’t do it.

But have no fear, writing is my favorite thing to do, so you can still keep up with us here.

I love what Crystal Paine said in her Make Over Your Morning course about keeping something for yourself. Being a mom does not mean that we neglect our other God-given talents.

It does seem like when you add something new, especially something as life-changing as motherhood, that you have to set aside other things for a season to focus on your new challenge.  Gradually, we get to add back in the things that we enjoy. Some women never get that privilege.  I’m thankful that I did.

Everyone’s season is different. It took me three years of focusing on just being a mom before I crept back into writing. I’m still creeping, it seems!

I think more and more about writing that book! One of my goals is to get back to that!

John David

I think it’s especially cute the way that he asks us to put him to bed when he is tired. He takes a nap everyday around 12pm. If things get busy, and no one has put him to bed on time, he will ask, “Bed? Bed?”


Daniel loves writing letters, no not actual words, but simply “IiiiiDDDDddddIIIIFFFFC,” and he writes them everywhere he finds paper. He also loves baseball, and I wish you could see him throw! He winds up, kicks one leg in the air behind him, and even though he is only 3 feet tall, you can’t help but cringe for fear that the ball will hit you in the head! He throws that ball with EVERY ounce that’s in him.




We were at the library the other day, and as I was checking out, I realized that Caleb and Joshua had both picked out the same Chemistry book. No, I did not tell them to choose a science book, and yet there were 2 copies of this book. They were both excited about it.

I would never!

I also enjoyed hearing Caleb ask me to check out the next book in the Little House on the Prairie series. We are now reading Plum Creek, and it is the most peaceful time of our day. What am I saying? I have FOUR BOYS. It is the only peaceful time in my day….


I’m pretty sure John David thinks that “Josh” means “third parent.” JD adores his Josh!



I can’t believe I thought to ask Nana to come this week. I asked her over a month ago. What would we do if she weren’t here this week? I would not have made it. I would not! Also, Nana knows how to clean off hard water stains. My sink looks brand new.


Positive Thoughts–because I need these in the worst way!

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, “thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.”    -Jeremiah 29:11

“I will praise Thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”   –-Psalms 139:14

“We can’t conform ourselves to other people’s molds. But we try sometimes, don’t we?”       –Jill Duggar (Growing Up Duggar, p. 2)




I hope you all have a peaceful rest of the week, don’t break any arms, and don’t conform to anyone else’s mold.






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