day 1

So proud of our big boy!

Alan and I agreed that this would be the perfect weekend to begin JD’s potty training. Why? Well, it was because yesterday, while JD was playing quietly in his room, he took off a poopy diaper all by himself, and let’s just say the Lightning McQueen blanket may never be the same…

Of course, that was completely forgotten by this morning. I was standing at my sink putting on my face, when JD walked over to the toilet and said, “Potty. I go potty, Mom. I go potty.”

Oh, right. He did not forget. That’s usually what it takes for potty training dreaders like me to finally get it done.

So we did it. HE did it! I stripped down his bottom half. That’s right. He went naked bottoms all day long.

It was so easy. JD’s readiness made it a breeze.

We now have three successes in the pot and only one accident—Yeah, he peed on the Lego drawers.

This morning he went two hours without going, so I poured warm water over him, as he sat on his little potty. That did the trick. Then the other times, he just casually walked over to his potty and peed. Whoot!

Oh, and I use pull-ups for nap time, and wonder of wonders. When we opened the Pull-Up box, there was a full-sized stuff Mickey Mouse in the box! What a perfect surprise for his first day of potty training! He was so excited.

We didn’t even have to resort to candy bribery. Throwing a jump up and down party worked well for JD.

The third time he went, he stood back, pointed at his potty and said, “Ta-da!!”







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