“Handcuffs, A Balloon, and A Car” Let the shopping begin!


The Dan Man

It’s the week before Thanksgiving. At our house that means that Alan’s entire family is doing their Christmas shopping. They will be completely finished before the rest of us even start. I just wanted to pass that info on. Maybe it will help motivate other Christmas slackers, like myself.

I asked Daniel today, “What do you want for Christmas, sweetie?”



“Yup. And a balloon!”

“Oh, good,” I mused to myself, “I can do all of this boy’s shopping at Dollar Tree and be done just like that…”

“And a car!”


“with a remote”

“Oh, you want a remote control car? I’m sure we could do that. Okay.”

“No, a car that you can ride on, actually.”

Whomp whomp whomp. Oh.

He wants a Power Wheel. We were so close.

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I’m having trouble talking Alan into going along with that one. But, Alan, it’s Christmas…

So I’m making a note of this moment, I’m writing it down. Let the record show that I, April, am going to order at least one Christmas present today. I’m doing it! Joshua’s bringing me my hot pad, for my angry old hip, and I’m going to lay here and shop from home.

This has been a big and exciting week for us:

#1. Daniel had his preschool observation day. We got to go and sit in on a class, and if all went well, they told us he could start in January.

Well, someone get this boy a cookie. He was so mellow and sweet and well behaved. They told me he could start right away. She said, “He has done so well here. He’s so good and so mellow. It’s like he’s been here all year. He can start right away, if you’d like.”

Whoot! Go, Dan, go!

#2. I passed glucose tests 2 and 3. One was a three month sugar level test. Passed that. One was a fasting level test. Passed it too. No diabetes. Roll Tide!!

#3. I have my rheumatology appointment scheduled, but it may not even be a rheumatology related issue, so the doctor finally also ordered a new MRI.

#4. Alan’s list of possible jobs is in for us to choose from, and it looked good to me. We will probably be going right back to where we moved here from.

#5. This week is Thanksgiving! We have so much to be thankful for!


So thankful for these guys!


The healthy eating thing went so well last week, but I’ve made several big goofs this weekend, mostly involving Oreo cookies. I’m still trying to improve my diet, though, for the benefit of the whole family.

Would you believe that I did not get fog brain a single time this week? Amazing. It didn’t help the joint pain, though. That just keeps getting worse and worse. That’s why I’m looking forward to talking to more doctors about it. If we can figure out what is causing it, then I feel like I could more accurately do something about it.

I’m off to start this shopping! Happy Thanksgiving!!





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