This song has been on my mind all day: YouTubevideo

But if you’ve already been crying all day, just skip the video. Don’t listen to it.


But this week has been bigger than it was supposed to be.

I was already carrying new things in my mind. Joshua and Caleb are going to camp without me for a week. (I can’t explain it, but I’m so nervous!) We sold our minivan. For the life of us, we can’t figure out where to live next, but they came and did my pre-move-out inspection yesterday.

The wheels are in motion. And then we got this terrible news.

Our family is in mourning. Heart-breaking. This is heart breaking.


Logan is Alan’s cousin. She died in a car accident, just short of her 18th birthday.

The world lost one of our best. When I came into the family, Logan was a beautiful 5-year-old. She was always adorable, and she was so sweet to our babies. This was a Southern Belle. She had it all: the sass, the beauty, heart of gold, quick wit, and a daring spirit.

Her obituary said this:

Kelli-Logan was a lover of life with a contagious smile on her face. She was adventurous and was an avid hunter and fisherman. Although she loved all things outdoors, she also enjoyed dressing up, doing hair and make-up, and listening to country music.

But mostly I’m thinking about her parents, Ken and Sadie, and her siblings Cale and Megan, Jeannie, Ken and Sheri, and Ashton and Paige, and all of Logan’s friends and family members. I don’t know how you manage a grief this deep.

This is the sort of thing that makes you want to pound the ground and beg God to un-do it.

Yet all we can do is stand with them in mourning. No amount of being sorry or praying will bring Logan back.

The other night, Joshua prayed for Logan’s parents to be able to get over this loss. Alan gently explained to Joshua that they can’t really ever ‘get over’ something like this. And poor Joshua, he said what we all must be thinking, “I know. I just didn’t know how to say it.” My children are maturing so quickly. I hugged him so tightly.

But God knew what he meant. We all know what he meant. None of us know what to say. There’s nothing we can say.

Alan and Daniel are on their way to the visitation and funeral now. Alan hasn’t seen this side of his family in three years. I wish we could all be there.

You are greatly missed, Kelli Logan. Thank you for winning our hearts as long as you did.

The family, gathered for Granny’s funeral, many years ago. Logan was the little girl in front, far right.



Good people pass away; the godly often die before their time. But no one seems to care or wonder why. No one seems to understand that God is protecting them from the evil to come.

Isaiah 57:1 New Living Translation


  • April I am so sorry for yalls loss. The good news is that she is in heaven with Jesus now. We are praying for you and yalls family.
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  • J

    I love the song you included. Always makes me tear up when I stop and contemplate the words. I’m so sorry for the huge loss to your family. Isaiah 57:1 is perfect. Hold on to Jesus, his ways are always perfect and right, even when we don’t understand why.
    Hugs and prayers.

    • Thank you so much. I had to go into my admin panel and figure out who J was, but thankfully you used your email address, so I could tell. Thank you for your condolences and for leaving your email address so I know who I’m thanking. 🙂

  • Charlesha Turner

    I miss you greatly lolo , I never thought this day would come to send you home . but , I know you’ll watch over us all most of all your family . you’ve gain your beautiful wings & I know you’re happy . I love & miss you .

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful tribute post to a beautiful girl. I have never read, or at least didn’t pay attention to, that verse in Isaiah. That is perfect. She is protected, reunited with other family, and loved more than we can imagine right now. We will miss Logan greatly, she was such a sweet girl. I couldn’t watch the video, i have already cried a good deal and appreciate the warning. The family is in our thoughts and prayers. I hate we were not there today for the funeral. I’m so glad Alan was there. Thanks for writing this, April!

    • McMom

      this is McMom, sorry i posted twice…this one kept not showing up so i finally just started over (below).

  • McMom

    Thank you, April. I have never noticed that verse in isaiah before! What a comfort that is to hear. Logan will certainly be missed. I am going to find some peace tonight in knowing she is protected, reunited with family, and being held and loved by our gracious and all-knowing Father.

  • Jen

    Oh April I am so sorry for your loss. Your sweet Joshua’s prayer. Sometimes we really don’t know what to say. This has been a tough week for my family too. My mom suffered a pretty significant stroke. It didn’t take her, but has left her worse off than before. I know God has a plan, but this has left me wondering just what it is we/she need to learn from all this right now.
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  • Sadie

    Thank you April ! I love you MyStephens family!,

  • OK, challenge accepted. Gonna watch it now and see if I cry… 🙂

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