Newly Revised Pros and Cons List for Home Vs. Public Vs. Private School

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There are just a few blog posts that I’ve written that have front page authority on Google. If you want to know how to make a school supply cake, they will send you to me, page 1, top slot.

If you want a long list of pros and cons for school choices, you will find this old post in your Google search results. Some days it gets more hits than the new things that I post.

I am not anti-public, anti-private, or anti-home school. It was a list that I made while trying to reach my decision two years ago.

I kept cringing each time that I’d see this list that I made before I even tried home-schooling being read almost every day. So I dug it up and changed it. This new one is more candid and useful because I was able to speak with more experience. I hope you’ll give it a read-through. Thanks!

Home School Vs. Public Vs. Christian School: Pros and Cons


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