3 Fall Funnies and a NEW Giveaway for Your Kitchen!

3 Fall Funnies and a new giveaway for your kitchen

I love it when I get to try out products! You’ll love this cutting board, and you might even score a FREE one!!

It was an exciting weekend here, so I have FUNNY stuff to share today.

3 Fall Funnies and a new giveaway for your kitchen

The sad thing is the messy ones were arranged by yours truly.

I thought this photo well captured the key difference between Daniel and me. Look at how neat his memory tiles are. Look at mine. He clearly got a few things from his father.


Found this on my walk. I think it’s the true home of the Berenstain Bears!!!!


I had my picture made with my snake-killing weapon.



John David insisted on bringing all the pumpkins inside.

Looks sweet, right? You’d never know that 30 minutes before he cried all the way through Target until I cried uncle and went home. *Groannnnnn.*



That one relative at gatherings that says shocking things. I hope you all have that one relative.

Hehehe! No, I’m just kidding. I have no idea what was said here, but I thought this photo was funny.


Now for even more FUN AND EXCITEMENT!! I have a brand new giveaway!!!


And this is one we can ALL use!! A bamboo cutting board with silicone edges. Lime green!



Putting mine to good use

I like the fact that a bamboo cutting board is easier on your knives, and I am a real sucker for the cute lime green handles.  I’ve enjoyed using this.

I also love that this is a family business. These boards were created by a mom who wanted a bamboo cutting board that would not mold, so she added the silicone edges to prevent that and created her own business.

You can order your own here: TheKitchenLove.com


img_3984 img_3985


So what are you waiting for? Log in and click one of the option tabs below to enter the giveaway.

*****No one gets your email address other than me, and I will only use it for notifications regarding the giveaway.*****

I’ll announce the winner in a week!

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