Funny Fridays: Taking 6 Kids to an Art Museum & Other Stories

At the Smithsonian National Museum of Art

When we went to D.C. this summer, I insisted we go and visit my favorite painting in the world, which happens to be at the National Gallery of Art on the National Mall. While we were there, we perused the collections, along with our friend Amy and her children.

I thought the day was going amazingly well. We took 6 kids through a museum where you are supposed to be quiet, and I felt like we did a heroic job. The kids even sat on these nice sofas they had in many of the galleries.

After about an hour, Alan whispered emphatically, with the big eyes,  “Are you ready to go now? Please.”

“Sure…. C’mon kids, let’s go.”

Once outside, Alan looked like he’d just escaped prison.

Alan had a much different experience in the Smithsonian than I had.

While I was all gazing at paintings and taking photos, Alan was getting dirty looks and lectures from security guards about the six children. Apparently, rolling on the sofas, flipping over the backs of the sofas, and leaning and pushing on your friends and giggling are inappropriate museum behavior.

Sigh. The bar is high, okay. I guess we’ll try a museum again in another 6 years. We just aren’t there yet.  I LOVE art museums, but alas, I LOVE my people and staying out of trouble too…

I still say they were good. Quiet and not touching anything = good.


Last week Alan had to replace the garage door opener and fix the air conditioner unit, the dryer, and the fence that Irma blew over.

This week the sink is dripping and the microwave quit. Oh!! Plus, the house we rent out in Alabama has a broken a/c unit too.

I said to Alan, ” I feel like God is trying to tell us something.”

“What, that we suck?”

Okay, Alan didn’t say that, but that’s what I was thinking..

We agreed that this is an insane amount of things going wrong and breaking down. Perhaps God really is trying to get our attention.

OH! Plus next week is report card week, grades were turned in today, and I have new zits. I have new zits because I stress out about the boys’ grades more than they do…

I’m a stress ball, okay. That’s right. April is the Captain of the Struggle Buss. (Shout out to Nicole from MOPS for teaching me that expression.)


I said to Alan, “I’m Captain of the Struggle Bus today.” I was so proud of my new expression. I HAD to use it right away.

“Everyday. That’s every day for you.”

“Hey!! That’s not!…I…well…..really? You think so? Huh.”

I guess he was familiar with the expression.

Good things happened this week too.

Alan started waking me up at 6am so that I can get a 1 mile walk in in the morning to kick-start my day. It was surprisingly fun. Alan said I came in from my walk each day so happy.

“Huh. Maybe I’ll be a morning person after all,” I thought…

But then on the other days he did NOT wake me up at 6 am…. I slept until 6:30 and did not have time to walk. Oh well, still, two great things came of it:

  1. Alan woke me up early and managed to not get fussed at, which is a miracle.
  2. I felt happier all day knowing I’d gotten up and walked. Plus, my step count was better. No weight loss though. 🙁 Apparently, ice cream is not good for weight loss. Sad.


I was reading my Bible this morning for inspiration, and this truly did inspire me. I’ll share it in case it helps you too:

…wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere.    James 3: 17

I told Alan I felt like I needed to plaster this verse all over the house. Maybe it will remind us all how to behave…


Ok, here’s JD. He woke up from his nap, and he’s begging me for food. That’s my cue.

Have a fabulous weekend, y’all.


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